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Lane Agility Drill

The Lane Agility Drill is a test that measures agility in basketball players. It involves running around the basketball key in a specific course. This drill is an important part of the fitness testing battery for the SPARQ basketball and NBA Combine. Let’s delve into the details of this test and how it can benefit basketball players.


The Lane Agility Drill is designed to assess speed, body control, and the ability to change direction quickly (agility). These are crucial skills for basketball players who need to navigate the court efficiently and react swiftly in different game situations.

Equipment Required

To perform this test, you will need the following equipment:

  • Stopwatch or timing gates
  • Measuring tape
  • 6 marker cones
  • A basketball court

Test Layout

The course for the Lane Agility Drill is set up around the foul lane, following the dimensions of a pro-sized court (16′ wide x 19′ deep). If you are using a different court size, such as a high school court with a narrower lane, you may need to adjust the marker cone placements accordingly.

Lane Agility Drill Layout


Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the Lane Agility Drill:

  1. Start with one foot behind the start line, avoiding any rocking movements.
  2. The hand timing starts when you make your first movement from the set position.
  3. Sprint forward towards the baseline.
  4. At the first cone, transition into a side shuffle and move sideways to the right along the baseline.
  5. At the next cone, switch to backpedaling up the lane towards the foul line.
  6. From there, side shuffle left, back towards the start line.
  7. At the start line, touch the floor at a point even with the starting cone and reverse direction to complete another revolution.
  8. Repeat the side shuffle right, forward sprint, side shuffle left, and backpedal to finish the test.
  9. Throughout the test, always face forwards towards the baseline.
  10. Two trials are allowed, and the best time is recorded.
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The score for the Lane Agility Drill is based on the best time to complete the test in seconds, recorded to the nearest two decimal places. It is important to perform the drill correctly to avoid fouls, which include knocking down a cone, cutting corners, sprinting sideways instead of defensive-shuffling, crossing feet, not touching the change-of-direction line, or falling down. The table below provides expected score ranges for players in different positions.

Position Expected Time Range
Guards 10.00 – 11.50 seconds
Forwards 11.50 – 12.75 seconds
Centers 12.75 – 14.00 seconds


Q: Who should perform the Lane Agility Drill?
A: The Lane Agility Drill is primarily intended for basketball players who want to improve their agility and ability to change direction quickly. It is suitable for players of all levels, from aspiring amateurs to professional athletes.

Q: Can the Lane Agility Drill benefit players in other sports?
A: While the Lane Agility Drill is specifically designed for basketball players, it can also benefit athletes in other sports that require agility and quick changes of direction, such as soccer or football.

Q: Are there any specific techniques to master for this drill?
A: Yes, turning technique and coordination play a crucial role in performing well in the Lane Agility Drill. It is important to avoid crossing your feet during the side shuffle and maintain proper form throughout the test.


The Lane Agility Drill is a key component of the fitness testing battery for basketball players. By incorporating this test into your training routine, you can improve your speed, body control, and agility on the court. Remember to focus on proper technique and strive for improvement with each attempt. Get ready to elevate your game with the Lane Agility Drill!

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