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Kneeling Basketball Throw

The Kneeling Basketball Throw is a fitness test that evaluates upper body strength and power. It requires only a basketball and a tape measure. The objective is to throw a standard-sized basketball as far as possible using a one-handed technique. This test is specifically designed to measure explosive power and upper body strength.


The purpose of this test is to assess an individual’s upper body strength and explosive power.

Equipment Required

To conduct this test, you will need a standard-sized basketball, a tape measure, and an optional mat to cushion the knees.


  1. The subject kneels with their knees behind a line.
  2. Using an overhand throwing motion, the subject throws the basketball with one hand as far as possible.
  3. The non-throwing hand may be used to steady the ball before throwing, but only one hand can be used to throw the ball. Either hand may be used.
  4. Throughout the test, the subject’s knees must remain in contact with the ground, and no part of their body can touch the other side of the line.
  5. Record the best distance thrown. Three attempts are allowed.


The distance from the start line to where the ball lands is recorded. Measurements should be recorded to the nearest foot. The best result out of three throws is used for scoring. The US Air Force Academy uses this test, with goal scores of 69 feet or 19 meters for men and 42 feet or 13 meters for women.

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The size and weight of the ball used will influence the results and should be selected based on the age group or abilities of the participants. Other throwing power tests include the softball and baseball throw tests, which use lighter balls. There is also a test called the Powerball Rotational Throw, which involves a two-handed rotational throw using a heavier powerball.

Target Population

While this test is often associated with basketball, it is suitable for any sport that requires upper body power, such as netball, rowing, and tennis.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of this test include its ease and quickness to perform for an individual. However, it does require multiple people to conduct the test smoothly, with one person marking results, another ensuring correct technique, and another collecting and returning the balls. When testing a large group, it can be time-consuming to put all participants through this test.

Tips and Recommendations

To improve accuracy and ease of measurement, it may be helpful to explain the optimal angle for maximal distance to the subject and allow for practice attempts. Additionally, you can extend a tape measure along the expected path in front of the subject to aid in measurement.


Q: Is this test only for basketball players?
A: No, this test is suitable for any sport that emphasizes upper body power, such as netball, rowing, and tennis.

Q: How many attempts are allowed during the test?
A: Three attempts are allowed, and the best distance thrown is recorded.

Q: What is the purpose of this test?
A: The purpose of this test is to measure an individual’s upper body strength and explosive power.

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The Kneeling Basketball Throw is an effective fitness test for evaluating upper body strength and power. It requires minimal equipment and can be quickly performed by individuals. Whether you’re a basketball player or participate in other sports that demand upper body power, this test provides valuable insights into your performance. Remember to follow the proper procedures and techniques outlined to ensure accurate results. To learn more about fitness testing, sports, and related topics, visit Auralpressure.

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