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Kilikiti – Samoan Cricket

Kilikiti is a fascinating sport that originated in Samoa and has now become the national sport of the country. In addition to Samoa, Kilikiti is also gaining popularity in Tuvalu and New Zealand, as well as other Polynesian areas. Similar to cricket, Kilikiti requires specific equipment to play the game. Let’s take a closer look at the equipment used:

  • Bat: The bat used in Kilikiti is quite unique. It has three edges and resembles a baseball bat in shape. These bats are longer than traditional cricket bats and are modeled after the three-sided Samoan war club called lapapa.

  • Ball: The ball used in Kilikiti is round and filled with hard rubber. It is wrapped in pandanus, giving it a softer texture compared to the balls used in cricket. Due to this, players do not require any protective gear.

  • Stumps: The stumps used in Kilikiti are longer than those used in cricket and do not have bails.

  • Attire: Unlike cricket, Kilikiti players do not wear any padding or masks. Instead, they wear lava-lava, which is a traditional Polynesian clothing.

The rules of Kilikiti are relatively flexible, but efforts have been made to codify standardized game rules by the New Zealand Kilikiti Association. Under these new rules, one team bats for 30 minutes, and the other team also bats for the same number of balls. The team with the most runs at the end is declared the winner.

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In Kilikiti, there are three key elements: the batting team, the fielding team, and the pitch. The game follows a similar pattern to cricket, where one team bowls and fields while two players from the opposing team bat until all players are out. The ways in which a player can be declared out are the same as in cricket. Additionally, in Kilikiti, there are two wicket keepers, unlike in cricket where there’s only one.

Similar Sports

  • Cricket: A team sport played on a rectangular pitch in the center of a large grass oval. Two batters protect their wicket while the fielding team attempts to get them out.

  • Vigoro: An Australian sport that combines elements of Cricket and Baseball, mainly played by women. It is played on a shorter pitch than cricket, with a bat that has a long handle like a paddle.

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