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Kendo: The Way of the Sword

Kendo, also known as ‘the way of the sword,’ is a captivating Japanese martial art that originated from kenjutsu. This art form utilizes shinai-bamboo swords and boqu-an armor, requiring rigorous physical activity and the development of ultimate skills through practice.

Centuries ago, swordsmen in Japan established schools where they taught Kenjutsu. The exercises in Kendo, known as kata, have been passed down through generations. In 1946, kendo faced a ban but made a comeback in 1950. Shortly after Japan gained independence in 1952, the All Japan Kendo Federation was founded, lifting the ban on martial arts. The International Kendo Federation was established in 1970, further promoting the growth of Kendo worldwide.

Kendoka, the practitioners of Kendo, express their fighting spirit through kiai, a powerful shout, and strike their feet as they make contact. Kendo is typically practiced barefoot in designated venues called dojo, which feature wooden floors.

Kendo techniques involve precise thrusts and strikes, targeting the wrists, head, and other protected areas. It is crucial to practice Kendo regularly and adhere to the rules to ensure safety and avoid potential injuries.

Similar Sports

  • Arnis: The national martial art sport of the Philippines, emphasizing weapon-based fighting with a stick or cane.
  • Canne de Combat: A French martial art that takes place within a ring, with opponents wielding canes.
  • Singlestick: A martial art that originated as a training method for sailors, using a wooden stick to simulate sword fighting.
  • Fencing: A sport where competitors face each other, attempting to touch their opponent with the tip of a thin sword.
  • Stick-Fighting: A type of martial art using a long slender wooden stick for combat. Variations include singlestick and canne de combat.
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Q: How do practitioners express their fighting spirit in Kendo?
A: Kendoka express their fighting spirit through kiai, a powerful shout, and striking their feet as they make contact.

Q: What are the target areas in Kendo techniques?
A: Kendo techniques involve precise strikes on the wrists, head, and other protected areas.


Kendo, ‘the way of the sword,’ is a fascinating Japanese martial art that requires physical prowess and skill. Practitioners, known as Kendoka, express their fighting spirit through powerful shouts and footwork. With origins that date back centuries, Kendo has seen resurgence after a temporary ban, leading to the establishment of international federations. Safety is paramount in Kendo, underscoring the importance of regular practice and adherence to rules. Similar sports include Arnis, Canne de Combat, Singlestick, Fencing, and Stick-Fighting. Explore the related pages for further information and embrace the path of Kendo.

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