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Jokgu, a unique Korean sport that combines elements of football and volleyball, has gained immense popularity in Korea at professional, amateur, and junior levels. Originally developed as a pastime activity by the Korean military, Jokgu has evolved into a beloved sport that captivates both players and spectators.

The Game of Jokgu

In a Jokgu match, two teams, each consisting of four players, compete against each other. The court, measuring 16m x 7m, features a net that stands at 1.1m high, similar to the net height in tennis. The ball used in Jokgu has a diameter of 20cm, slightly smaller than a volleyball.

The objective of the game is for each team to legally return the ball to their opponents. Players are only allowed to use their feet or shins to strike the ball, with headers also permitted. Each team has a maximum of three touches before they must return the ball to the opposing team. The ball is allowed to bounce once between each touch. If the opponents fail to return the ball within three touches, the opposing team earns a point.

A Jokgu match follows a best-of-three sets format, where the first team to win two sets emerges as the victor. Each set is played for 15 points, with a two-point differential required to win.

Similar Sports

Jokgu shares similarities with several other sports that are popular worldwide. Here are some related sports you might find interesting:

  • Football Tennis: A tennis variant played primarily with the feet.
  • Sepak Takraw: A volleyball-like sport that also utilizes the feet.
  • Footvolley: Beach volleyball played using only the feet.
  • Footbag Net: Players must kick a footbag over a 5ft high net.
  • Volleyball: A team sport played with a large ball, aiming to make it reach the ground on the opponent’s side of the court.
  • Association Football: The world-renowned sport played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball on a rectangular field.
  • Taekwondo: A self-defense discipline that originated in Korea.
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Q: How did Jokgu gain popularity in Korea?

A: Jokgu was initially developed as a pastime activity by the Korean military and gradually gained popularity throughout the country due to its unique blend of football and volleyball.

Q: Can players use their hands in Jokgu?

A: No, players are only allowed to use their feet or shins to strike the ball. Headers are also permitted.

Q: How is a Jokgu match structured?

A: A Jokgu match is played in a best-of-three sets format. The first team to win two sets, with each set played for 15 points, emerges as the winner.


Jokgu has become a beloved sport in Korea, capturing the hearts of both players and spectators. With its fascinating combination of football and volleyball, Jokgu offers a thrilling and unique sporting experience. So why not give Jokgu a try and discover the joy of this extraordinary Korean sport?