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Ice Cross Downhill

Ice Cross Downhill

Ice Cross Downhill is an exhilarating winter racing sport that involves skaters competing against each other on a thrilling downhill course. Similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, the sport is all about speed, skill, and excitement. The only difference is that instead of skis or snowboards, the competitors use ice skates.

The Thrill of Ice Cross Downhill

Ice Cross Downhill courses are specially designed with a smooth and icy surface that allows skaters to glide effortlessly. The course features a series of sharp turns, both left and right, as well as ramps for jumps and vertical drops. To ensure the safety of the skaters, protective barrier walls are installed on both sides of the track.

The Competition

In Ice Cross Downhill, a maximum of four skaters start each race, and the first one to cross the finish line is declared the winner. The competitions are conducted in a heats format, where racers are eliminated until only four remain for the final race to determine the overall champion.

One of the major events for Ice Cross Downhill is the Red Bull Crashed Ice, a world tour that takes place in North America and Europe. The tour consists of several races, and points are awarded based on finishing position. At the end of the tour, the skater with the most points is crowned the world champion.

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Similar Sports

If you enjoy Ice Cross Downhill, you might also be interested in other adrenaline-pumping sports:

  • Long Track Speed Skating – ice skaters race head to head on a 400m oval track for different distances, from 500m to 10,000m.
  • Short Track Speed Skating – a fast-paced sport where 4 to 8 skaters compete on an oval ice track.
  • Boardercross (Snowboard Cross) – snowboarders race each other on a thrilling downhill course.
  • Ski Cross – downhill skiers race head-to-head on a course filled with big jumps, rollers, and high-banked turns.
  • Slopestyle Skiing – an exciting discipline where skiers navigate a course featuring various obstacles.
  • Motocross – a thrilling motorcycle racing sport held on off-road circuits with jumps and embankments.


Q: How many skaters participate in an Ice Cross Downhill race?
A: A maximum of four skaters start each race in Ice Cross Downhill.

Q: What is the Red Bull Crashed Ice?
A: The Red Bull Crashed Ice is a major world tour for Ice Cross Downhill, featuring races in North America and Europe.

Q: How is the world champion determined in Ice Cross Downhill?
A: In the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour, points are awarded to racers based on their finishing positions. The skater with the most points at the end of the tour is declared the world champion.


Ice Cross Downhill is an adrenaline-fueled winter racing sport that brings the excitement of downhill racing to the ice. With its fast-paced action and thrilling jumps, it’s a must-watch for any winter sports enthusiast. Experience the exhilaration of Ice Cross Downhill and witness the world’s best skaters compete for glory.

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