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How to Determine Greatness in Sports?

Do you ever find yourself debating who the greatest athlete is or which sport is the most physically demanding? While opinions on these matters may vary, as a scientist, I believe that measurement is essential. In order to truly understand greatness, we need to assess and evaluate objective data.

Components of Fitness Assessment

When it comes to evaluating athletes, we can start with the components of fitness. These include endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Numerous fitness tests can be conducted to gauge an athlete’s proficiency in each of these areas. By assessing these fundamental fitness capacities, we can gain insights into an athlete’s overall abilities.

Beyond Physical Abilities

However, greatness in sports encompasses more than just physical prowess. Psychological factors, as well as other minor factors, contribute to an athlete’s success. These factors may include access to proper training equipment, coaching expertise, skill teaching, nutritional status, support networks, funding, and much more.

Important Attributes for Success

While many attributes contribute to an athlete’s success, some are more crucial than others. Let’s explore a few examples:

  • Components of Fitness: Fitness can be divided into specific categories or components that can be individually tested and trained.
  • Sports Athleticism: Athleticism encompasses the various attributes that make up a successful athlete. ESPN has compiled a list of important factors in this regard.
  • Factors of Success: We have identified the top 15 individual factors that contribute to success in sports.
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Evaluating Skill and More

In order to truly assess a remarkable athlete, it is necessary to measure their skill levels. However, there are limited standardized tests available for this purpose. TV shows like Superstars have incorporated both skill-based and physical tests to evaluate the greatest athletes. Yet, even with thorough assessments, there may still be an intangible factor known as “star quality” that defies measurement.

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Q: How can I measure an athlete’s greatness?
A: Assessing an athlete’s greatness involves evaluating their performance in various fitness components, psychological factors, and other minor attributes that contribute to success.

Q: What are the components of fitness that can be assessed?
A: Fitness can be evaluated based on endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination.

Q: Are there standardized tests for measuring an athlete’s skill?
A: While there are limited standardized tests available, TV shows like Superstars incorporate skill-based testing along with physical assessments.


Determining greatness in sports requires a comprehensive evaluation of an athlete’s physical abilities, psychological factors, and other contributing attributes. By assessing the components of fitness and considering various factors of success, we can gain a better understanding of what sets apart exceptional athletes. Although skill can be measured to some extent, the intangible qualities of “star quality” remain elusive. To delve deeper into the topic and explore related matters, refer to the accompanying pages.

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