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Handball: A Thrilling Game of Skill and Strategy


Handball is a captivating sport that has its origins in medieval times. However, it was in 1906 that the rules of modern handball were first established in Denmark. Since then, handball has gained immense popularity, particularly in Northern and Eastern Europe, but is now played and enjoyed by people all around the world. In fact, there are approximately 19 million handball players globally.

The International Handball Federation serves as the governing body for the sport, responsible for organizing the prestigious World Championships. Handball is traditionally played indoors, but there have been variations of the game, such as field handball and beach handball (also known as sandball), played outdoors.

The Thrill of Handball

The primary objective in handball is to outscore your opponent. A regulation handball game lasts for 60 minutes, divided into two periods of 30 minutes each, with a 15-minute halftime break. However, for younger players, the period time can be reduced to 20 minutes, ensuring a more suitable and enjoyable experience.

Players and Equipment

Each team in handball consists of seven players: six outfield players and one goalkeeper. Additionally, teams have seven substitutes available, who can be utilized on a rolling basis without the need to inform the referee.

The playing area features a semi-circle around each goal area, often referred to as the crease or the zone. Furthermore, there is a dashed semi-circle line situated 9 meters away from the goal, serving as the free throw line.

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The ball used in handball must be made of leather or synthetic material, and it should be of a size that comfortably fits in a player’s hand. As a result, there are three regulation sizes of handballs available. For players over the age of 8, a ball with a circumference of 50-52 cm is used. Women and males aged 12 to 16 use a slightly larger ball with a circumference of 54-56 cm, known as a II. Lastly, males aged 16 and above play with a III ball, which has a circumference of 58-60 cm.

To play handball, all you need is a court, two goals, and a ball. Official games also require teams to wear uniforms, adding a sense of professionalism and unity.

Scoring and Winning

In handball, a goal is scored when the ball is successfully thrown into the opponent’s goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game emerges as the winner.

However, in the event of a draw, additional periods of overtime, with a maximum of two 5-minute periods, are played. If the scores remain level after this, a shoot-out is employed to determine the victor.

Rules of the Game

To ensure fair play and a thrilling experience, handball adheres to a set of rules. Here are some key rules to keep in mind:

  • A match consists of two periods, each lasting 30 minutes.
  • Each team is made up of seven players: one goalkeeper and six outfield players.
  • Outfield players are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body above the knee.
  • Once in possession of the ball, players have the option to pass, maintain possession, or take a shot.
  • Holding possession permits players to dribble or take up to three steps for a maximum of three seconds without dribbling.
  • Only the goalkeeper is permitted to touch the floor within the goal area.
  • Goalkeepers can venture outside the goal area, but they must relinquish possession upon leaving.
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Q: Can handball be played outdoors?
A: Although handball is traditionally an indoor sport, variations such as field handball and beach handball (sandball) allow for outdoor play, providing a refreshing experience.

Q: Are there different sizes of handballs for different age groups?
A: Yes, handballs come in three different sizes to accommodate players of various ages and ensure optimal playability.

Q: How is a winner determined in a drawn game?
A: In the case of a draw, additional periods of overtime are played. If the scores are still level, a shoot-out is used to decide the outcome.


Handball is a thrilling and dynamic sport enjoyed by millions worldwide. Its rich history, strategic gameplay, and competitive nature make it an engaging choice for both players and spectators. Whether you’re a seasoned handball enthusiast or new to the sport, embracing the excitement of handball is sure to create unforgettable moments on and off the field.

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