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Futsal Intermittent Endurance Test

The Futsal Intermittent Endurance Test (FIET) is a fitness test specifically designed to assess the endurance of futsal players. Futsal is a fast-paced indoor version of 5-a-side soccer that involves high-intensity intermittent running. Developed by Barbero et al. in 2005, the FIET involves running 45m (3 x 15m shuttles) with 10 seconds of rest and occasional longer rest periods. A study by Castagna & Barbero in 2010 demonstrated that the FIET effectively stresses both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, making it a reliable test for futsal players.

Purpose of the Test

The primary objective of the FIET is to evaluate the ability of futsal players to recover and repeat intermittent activity. This test assesses their fitness level and endurance in a sport-specific context.

Equipment Required

To conduct the FIET, you will need a clear flat area of at least 25m in length, marker cones, a measuring tape, and an audio recording of the test. The audio recording can be created using software like Team BeepTest.

Test Procedure

The FIET involves shuttle running over a total distance of 45m (3 x 15m). Participants run at progressively increasing speeds dictated by pre-recorded audio cues until exhaustion. After each 45m run, there is a 10-second active rest period. Every 8 x 45m (except after the first set of 9 x 45m), participants have a 30-second passive rest period before continuing. The starting speed is set at 9 km/hr, with speed increments of 0.33 km/hr for the first 9 x 45m and 0.20 km/hr thereafter. The test concludes when participants are unable to reach the turning line in time with the beep on two successive occasions.

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The test score is determined by the total distance covered during the FIET.

Target Population

While primarily developed for futsal players, the FIET is also suitable for other sports with intermittent characteristics, such as indoor hockey.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage of the FIET is that it is more relevant to intermittent sports than the commonly used beep test. Additionally, it is more specific to futsal players compared to the yo-yo test. However, as the FIET is not widely used, normative values may be challenging to find. Additionally, creating or purchasing an audio recording for the test without specific software can be difficult.

Similar Tests

There are several tests similar to the FIET that assess intermittent fitness and endurance in various sports:

  • Yo-Yo Intermittent Tests: This test involves short active breaks after every 2 x 20m shuttle.
  • Soccer FIT Interval Test: Originally designed for soccer players, this test consists of running 10 and 25-yard circuits in diminishing times, with 30 seconds of rest between sets.
  • Footeval Test: A football (soccer) specific test that incorporates one-minute intervals of ball dribbling.
  • Interval Shuttle Run Test: This intermittent fitness test alternates 30 seconds of running with 15 seconds of walking.
  • 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15 IFT): Participants run for 30 seconds and then walk for 15 seconds over a 40m course.
  • Gacon Test: This intermittent test involves 45 seconds of running and 15 seconds of rest, with the running distance incrementally increasing.
  • Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test: Originally designed for soccer players, this test assesses intermittent fitness.
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