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Footeval: A Football-Specific Beep Test

The Footeval Test is an innovative and soccer-specific workout designed to measure aerobic fitness and skill levels in soccer players. This test, developed by Manouvrier et al. in 2016, is an incremental and intermittent variation of the 20m shuttle test, with added elements of dribbling a soccer ball and intermittent rest periods.

Purpose and Equipment Required

The primary purpose of the Footeval Test is to assess both the aerobic fitness and technical skills of soccer players. To conduct this test, you will need a grassed field area measuring 30m x 10m, along with marker cones, soccer balls, a soccer goal, a portable barrier for reflecting the kicked ball, an audio track, and an audio player.

Test Procedure

The Footeval Test consists of various levels, each lasting for one minute and followed by a 30-second recovery phase. The participant starts at the goal end and dribbles the ball around cones placed 2.5m apart. After the last cone, the player kicks the ball against a barrier, traps it after the rebound, and continues to dribble the ball back to the end line. The player then waits for an audio cue to start the return leg, dribbling the ball straight back to the shooting area and kicking it towards the goal. The test continues until the player can no longer keep up with the audio track or makes more than two technical errors within a level.

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Scoring and Limitations

The Footeval Test records the total number of shuttles completed by the player. It is important to note that this test can only be conducted with a single player at a time. Despite being a relatively new test, the Footeval has shown promise and applicability to the sport of soccer, with several validation studies published on its effectiveness.

Similar Tests

If you’re interested in other tests that simulate the demands of soccer matches, here are a few options:

  • Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test: An intermittent and variable shuttle test designed to replicate the demands of a football match.
  • Soccer FIT Interval Test: Involves running 10 and 25-yard circuits in diminishing times, with 30 seconds of rest between sets.
  • Futsal Intermittent Endurance Test: Consists of 45m shuttles performed at progressive speeds until exhaustion.
  • Gacon Test: An intermittent test with 45 seconds of running and 15 seconds of rest, with the running distance incrementally increasing.
  • 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15 IFT): Utilizes a 30/15 second work/rest ratio.
  • Interval Shuttle Run Test (ISRT): Also follows a 30/15 second work/rest ratio.
  • Yo-Yo Intermittent Tests: Various Yo-Yo tests designed to assess aerobic fitness in athletes.

For more information on testing for intermittent sports and fitness testing for soccer, please refer to the related pages provided.

In summary, the Footeval Test is a soccer-specific beep test that combines aerobic endurance and technical skills. It is an effective tool for gauging players’ fitness levels and soccer-specific abilities. If you’re a soccer coach, player, or fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your training program, the Footeval Test can provide valuable insights into your performance. Give it a try and elevate your game!

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