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Football Team Nicknames

Many football teams around the world are known by nicknames that are not their official names. Some national teams even have multiple nicknames. In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used nicknames for football teams. These nicknames are often derived from the team’s playing strip color, country flag, or an animal associated with the country. It’s important to note that not all of these nicknames are official. Some of them are just popular among fans.

List of National Teams

Below is a list of national teams and their nicknames:

  • Scottish national team: The Tartan Terriers or The Tartan Beasts.
  • Iranian national team: Shiran-e Pars.
  • Russian national team: Sbornaya.
  • Belarus national team: Natsionalnaya Sbornaya.
  • Fiji national team: Bula Boys.
  • Tahiti national team: Toa Aito.
  • Indonesian national team: Garuda.
  • Uruguay national team: The Team of the Great Garuda.
  • Philippines national team: Azkals.
  • Puerto Rican national team: El Huracán Azul.
  • French national team: Les Bleus or The Blue Ones.
  • Portuguese national team: Os Navegadores or The Navigators.
  • Italian national team: Gli Azzurri or The Azures.
  • Malaysian national team: Harimau Malaysia or The Malaysian Tigers.
  • Macedonian national team: Red Lions.
  • Mexican national team: El Tri or Tricolores.
  • Cape Verde national team: Blue Sharks.
  • Venezuelan national team: La Vinotinto or The Red Wine.


Q: Why do football teams have nicknames?
A: Football team nicknames often reflect the team’s identity, history, or cultural associations. They are a way for fans to affectionately refer to their favorite teams and create a sense of unity and camaraderie.

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Q: Are these nicknames official?
A: Not all of these nicknames are official. Some are widely recognized and used by fans and the media, while others are less common or region-specific.

Q: Can national teams have multiple nicknames?
A: Yes, some national teams have more than one nickname, especially if they have a rich history or diverse fan base. These nicknames may be used interchangeably.


In this article, we explored the fascinating world of football team nicknames. From colors to animals and cultural references, these nicknames reflect the unique identity of each team. While not all of these nicknames are official, they play a significant role in building fan support and team spirit. So whether you’re cheering for The Tartan Terriers or The Blue Sharks, let’s celebrate the diversity and passion of football team nicknames.

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