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Footbag Net


Welcome to Auralpressure, your go-to source for all things footbag net. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of footbag net, a sport that combines athleticism and skill. Whether you’re a fan of footbag or simply curious about this unique sport, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Footbag Net?

Footbag net is a captivating sport where players kick a footbag (commonly known as hackysack) over a 5ft high net. The objective is to use only your feet to propel the footbag over the net. Keep in mind that any contact made with the knee or above is considered a foul.

Playing Footbag Net

Footbag net can be played both individually and in doubles. The court dimensions are similar to a doubles badminton court, with a net resembling those used in volleyball, badminton, and tennis. Just like in tennis, players serve diagonally. The game can be played to a point level of 11 or 15, with a winning margin of at least two points.

Competitions and Associations

The International Footbag Players Association governs footbag net. Players from all over the world come together annually for the World Footbag Championship, a highly anticipated week-long event. This tournament showcases the skills and passion of teams from various countries, making it a true celebration of footbag net.

Similar Sports

If you enjoy footbag net, you might be interested in exploring similar sports in the footbag family. Here are a few worth checking out:

  • Footbag: The overall category for a group of sports centered around the footbag. This includes freestyle footbag and footbag net.
  • Freestyle Footbag: A discipline within footbag that focuses on performing various tricks with the footbag.
  • Basse: A bag ball game from Norway. Players must prevent the ball from landing in their area using any body part except their hands.
  • Footvolley: Similar to beach volleyball, footvolley is played exclusively with the feet.
  • Sipa: A sport from the Philippines where the goal is to kick the ball over the net onto the opponent’s side without it touching the ground.
  • Football Tennis: A volleyball-style sport that allows for a bounce and features a lower net, similar to tennis.
  • Sepak Takraw: An Asian sport resembling volleyball but played with the feet, using a ball instead of a footbag.
  • Volleyball: A team sport where players hit a large ball over a high net to score points.
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1. How high is the net in footbag net?
The net in footbag net is 5ft high.

2. Can footbag net be played individually?
Yes, footbag net can be played both individually and in doubles.

3. What is the governing body for footbag net?
The International Footbag Players Association governs footbag net.

4. Where does the World Footbag Championship take place?
The World Footbag Championship is held annually and usually takes place in North America or Europe.

5. What are the court dimensions for footbag net?
The court dimensions for footbag net are similar to those of a doubles badminton court.


Footbag net is an engaging sport that combines skill, agility, and teamwork. From the exhilarating competitions to the intricate footwork, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, footbag net offers a unique and exciting experience. Stay tuned to Auralpressure for more insights into the world of footbag net.

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