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FitnessGram Program

FitnessGram, developed over 20 years ago by The Cooper Institute, is a comprehensive fitness testing program that facilitates effective communication of fitness testing results to students and parents. With easy-to-use technology, FitnessGram helps students set and achieve goals by conducting fair and accurate fitness assessments, allowing them to take responsibility for their own activities and track their progress.

Who is it for?

While primarily designed for children in grades K-12, FitnessGram is also suitable for young adults up to age 30.


FitnessGram assesses three key components of health-related physical fitness that are crucial for overall well-being and function. These components include:

  • Aerobic capacity: measured through tests such as the PACER test, One-Mile Run, or Walk Test.
  • Body composition: evaluated through measures like percent body fat or body mass index.
  • Muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility: tested through assessments like the Curl Up, Trunk Lift, Push Up, and various flexibility exercises.


Each assessment score is compared against established criterion-referenced standards called Healthy Fitness Zones. These standards are based on age and gender and aim to promote personal fitness for health rather than solely focusing on performance. By emphasizing health-related criteria, FitnessGram encourages students to prioritize regular physical activity for improved well-being.


FitnessGram provides individual reports for students and specialized versions for parents. These reports not only outline areas for improvement but also recommend customized physical activity programs to help students achieve their fitness goals. The reports serve as a tangible reminder of what students learn in class and can help parents actively support their children’s physical activity initiatives.

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New Software

The latest release of FitnessGram, version 8.0, features expanded capabilities that enhance its versatility and convenience. The program now includes a centralized database, making it particularly useful for large schools or districts needing to track students’ progress over time as they move through the educational system.

Product Links

For those interested in purchasing FitnessGram and related products, the following options are available:

  • Buy FitnessGram/ActivityGram Products: This includes the Test Manual, PACER CD, skinfold calipers, software, and report forms.
  • Purchase the PACER Audio CD: This CD provides pacing for the shuttle run portion of the test, as well as cadences for the curl-up and push-up tests.
  • Information on Measuring Strips: Learn about purchasing pre-made measuring strips or creating your own for the curl-up test.

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Q: What age group is FitnessGram designed for?
FitnessGram is primarily designed for children in grades K-12 but is also suitable for young adults up to age 30.

Q: Which components of physical fitness does FitnessGram assess?
FitnessGram assesses aerobic capacity, body composition, and muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Q: How are the assessment scores evaluated?
Each score is compared against Healthy Fitness Zones, which are criterion-referenced standards established based on age and gender.

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Q: How can FitnessGram reports help students and parents?
FitnessGram reports provide personalized recommendations for physical activity programs to help students improve in specific areas. They also offer valuable insights into the importance of physical activity for overall health and fitness.


FitnessGram is an effective fitness testing program developed by The Cooper Institute. It enables physical educators to communicate fitness testing results to students and parents easily. The program assesses various components of physical fitness, including aerobic capacity, body composition, and muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. By comparing assessment scores against Healthy Fitness Zones, FitnessGram helps individuals set and achieve fitness goals that prioritize health. The program’s reports provide valuable information and recommendations for students and parents to support ongoing physical activity programs. With its user-friendly features and centralized database, FitnessGram 8.0 offers enhanced convenience for tracking progress over time. Get started with FitnessGram today to promote a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

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