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Fitness Components for Ultimate Frisbee

In addition to the necessary skills, being a successful Ultimate player requires a combination of speed, acceleration, power, agility, strength, and endurance. But which of these components are the most crucial? Let’s explore.

The Importance of Being Quick and Agile

We conducted a poll to determine the most important fitness components for success in Ultimate Frisbee. According to the readers of our site, Agility and Speed / Quickness are considered the most crucial factors. Cardiovascular Endurance follows closely behind. You can also participate in the poll and view the latest results.

Agility vs. Quickness: Making a Distinction

In another poll, we asked people to rate the 12 factors of success in sports. Participants rated factors for the sport of Ultimate, and the top five factors were skill, agility, aerobic fitness, speed, and reaction time. You can also share your ratings for the factors that make successful Ultimate players.

Most Important Factors for Success in Order of Importance (data from 2018)

  • Skill and Technique: 4.6
  • Agility: 4.5
  • Aerobic Endurance: 4.4
  • Speed / Quickness: 4.4
  • Reaction Time: 4.4
  • Analytic & Tactical Ability: 4.4
  • Balance & Coordination: 4.2
  • Motivation & Self Confidence: 4.2
  • Coping with Pressure Situations: 4.0
  • Strength & Power: 3.6
  • Flexibility: 3.4
  • Body Size and Composition: 3.1

Insights from Experts

To gain further understanding of the physical demands of playing Ultimate, we sought advice from Melissa Witmer. Melissa is an experienced Ultimate competitor who has competed in the USA Ultimate Nationals Championships, holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois, and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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According to Melissa, speed and agility are indeed essential for success in Ultimate. She rates the following fitness components as extremely important: Speed / Quickness, Agility, and Analytic & Tactical Ability. Aerobic Endurance, Strength & Power, Reaction Time, Motivation & Self Confidence, and Skill and Technique are also classified as very important. Body Size and Composition, Balance & Coordination, and Coping with Pressure Situations are considered moderately important, while Flexibility is slightly important.

Melissa also raises an interesting question about anaerobic endurance, noting that it is crucial for sprinting repeatedly throughout a long point or game. She distinguishes it from aerobic endurance.

If you consider yourself an expert in the sport of Ultimate, we invite you to share your opinion as well.


  • Q: What are the most important fitness components for success in Ultimate Frisbee?

    • A: According to our readers, Agility and Speed / Quickness are considered the most important fitness components for success in Ultimate Frisbee. Cardiovascular Endurance is also significant.
  • Q: What factors make successful Ultimate players?

    • A: Based on ratings from participants, the top factors for success in Ultimate are skill, agility, aerobic fitness, speed, and reaction time. These components play a crucial role in achieving success on the field.


To excel in Ultimate Frisbee, a player must possess a range of fitness components. Agility and Speed / Quickness are deemed the most important factors for success, as they contribute significantly to on-field performance. Other essential fitness components include aerobic endurance, strength and power, reaction time, and skill and technique. By understanding the significance of these components and working on improving them, players can elevate their Ultimate game to new heights. Are you ready to take your Ultimate skills to the next level?

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