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Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper

Skincare calipers are essential tools for measuring skinfold thickness and estimating body fat percentage. Among the various options available, the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper stands out as an affordable and reliable choice. Manufactured by the same company as the Accu-Measure Caliper, this device offers accurate results and user-friendly features.

The Fat Track Gold calipers come pre-programmed with the Jackson-Pollock formulas for estimating body fat percentage using 3- and 7-site measurements. Additionally, you can use the caliper in a non-programmed mode and input different formulas. The device also calculates lean body mass, making it a comprehensive tool for body composition analysis.

With the capacity to store and program up to 50 user profiles, the Fat Track calipers offer personalized tracking. The device retains the last 3 measurements for each user, ensuring easy monitoring of progress. Its simple operation and detailed instructions make it accessible to users of all levels. The digital display provides real-time results for each pinch, allowing multiple samples per measurement site.

The Fat Track Pro version is designed for professional users, offering the same functionality as the Gold version but with an expanded user profile capacity. This version also caters to those who prefer non-programmed measurements and alternative formulas. Additionally, it calculates lean body mass for a comprehensive analysis.

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To purchase the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper, you can visit Amazon and choose between the FatTrack GOLD or FatTrack PRO models.

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Q: How do I use the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper?
A: The Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper is straightforward to use. Follow the detailed instructions provided with the device for accurate measurements.

Q: Can the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper calculate lean body mass?
A: Yes, the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper is capable of calculating lean body mass, providing comprehensive body composition analysis.

Q: How many user profiles can the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper store?
A: The Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper can store and program up to 50 user profiles, with the ability to retain the last 3 readings for each user.


The Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper is a reliable and affordable tool for measuring body fat percentage. With pre-programmed Jackson-Pollock formulas and the option to use alternative formulas, this caliper provides accurate results. It also calculates lean body mass and offers personalized tracking with up to 50 user profiles. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional, the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper is a valuable device for monitoring your body composition.

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To learn more about the Fat Track Digital Skinfold Caliper and make a purchase, visit our website now. Start your journey towards a healthier and more informed approach to fitness and body composition.