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Dynamic Yo-Yo Test

The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is a fitness assessment specifically designed to evaluate the aerobic endurance of soccer referees. This test involves running to various points around a football pitch, following cones marking each 20-meter interval. The timings for this test are based on the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test (Level 1).


The purpose of the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is to assess a referee’s ability to repeatedly perform job-specific intervals over an extended period. It measures their aerobic fitness and endurance, which are essential for maintaining optimal performance throughout a soccer match.

Equipment Required

To conduct the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test, you will need the following equipment:

  • Football field
  • Marking cones
  • Measuring tape
  • Yo-yo (YYIR1) audio track mp3 (or use the Team BeepTest software)
  • Audio player
  • Recording sheets

Test Layout

The test layout for the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test involves placing 16 marker cones exactly 20 meters apart around a football pitch.


If testing a group of referees, they can be spread out to start running from different markers. The participant starts from one marker and runs forward 20 meters to the next cone when instructed by the audio track. When signaled by the recorded beep, the referee turns and continues for a total of 40 meters. After every 40 meters, there is a 10-second active recovery period during which the referee must wait at the marker. The test continues until the referee is unable to keep up with the audio recording. A warning is given when the referee fails to reach the marker in the allocated time, and they are removed from the test the next time they do not complete a successful shuttle.

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The referee’s score for the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is the total distance covered before they were unable to keep up with the recording. The same audio recording as the YYIR1 test is used, with the speed levels and number of shuttles at each level remaining consistent.

Target Population

The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test was specifically designed for football/soccer referees, as their job demands a high level of aerobic fitness and the ability to perform job-specific intervals.


To ensure reliable results, some practice and familiarization with the pacing may be required. The test’s reliability also depends on how strictly it is run and the level of previous practice allowed for the referees.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test include the ability to test large groups simultaneously with minimal costs. However, practice and motivation levels can influence the score attained, and the scoring of when a person is out of the test can be subjective. Additionally, the test is usually conducted outside, so environmental conditions can also affect the results. It’s worth noting that the test audio track must be purchased.

Similar Tests

There are several similar tests to the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test, including:

  • Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
  • Assistant Referee Intermittent Endurance Test (based on the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2, involving forwards and sideways running)
  • FIFA Change of Direction Ability (CODA) Test (forwards and sideways running over 8-10 meters)
  • Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test for soccer players

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Q: How is the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test different from other endurance tests?
A: The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is specifically designed for soccer referees and focuses on their job-specific intervals and aerobic endurance. Other tests may assess different aspects of endurance or target different populations.

Q: Can the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test be conducted indoors?
A: The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is typically conducted outdoors on a football pitch. Conducting it indoors may require modifications to the test layout and conditions.

Q: Is the Dynamic Yo-Yo Test suitable for other sports besides soccer?
A: The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test was specifically designed for soccer referees, but it may also be relevant for other sports that require similar job-specific intervals and aerobic endurance. However, modifications may be necessary to adapt it to different sports.


The Dynamic Yo-Yo Test is a fitness assessment that evaluates the aerobic endurance of soccer referees. It involves running to different points around a football pitch in timed intervals. The test measures a referee’s ability to sustain high-intensity activity over a prolonged period. The test layout, procedure, and scoring are designed to provide a standardized evaluation of a referee’s fitness level. While the test has its advantages and disadvantages, it is a valuable tool for assessing the fitness of referees and ensuring they can perform their duties effectively. To learn more about fitness testing for intermittent sports and related topics, explore the provided links. Remember to consult the Auralpressure website for further information and take action to improve your aerobic endurance.

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