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Cycling at the Olympics

Cycling holds a special place in the Olympic Games, being one of five sports that have been contested at every summer Olympic Games since its inception in 1896. Along with Athletics, Fencing, Gymnastics, and Swimming, cycling is considered a core Olympic sport.

Four Disciplines

There are currently four disciplines in Olympic cycling: track cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, and BMX. BMX, the newest addition, was introduced to the Olympic program in 2008.

Current Olympic Cycling Events

In 2020, there will be a total of 22 cycling events in the Olympic program. Here is a list of the events and the year they were first introduced:

Track events:

  • 1000m Sprint Men — 1906 to current
  • 1000m Sprint Women — 1988 to current
  • Team Pursuit Men — 1908, 1920 to current
  • Team Pursuit Women — 2012 to current
  • Keirin Men — 2000 to current
  • Keirin Women — 2012 to current
  • Madison Men — 2000-08, 2020
  • Madison Women — 2020
  • Omnium Men — 2012 to current
  • Omnium Women — 2012 to current
  • Team Sprint Men — 2000 to current
  • Team Sprint Women — 2012 to current

Road events:

  • Individual Road Race Men — 1896 to current
  • Individual Road Race Women — 1984 to current
  • Individual Road Time Trial Men — 1996 to current
  • Individual Road Time Trial Women — 1996 to current
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Mountain Bike event:
There is a men’s and women’s cross country event. In each of these, the competitors start at the same time and complete laps of a closed off-road course for about 2 hours. The first athlete to cross the finish line after a set number of laps wins.

  • Cross-country Men — 1996 to current
  • Cross-country Women — 1996 to current

BMX events:

  • BMX Individual Men — 2008 to current
  • BMX Individual Women — 2008 to current
  • BMX Freestyle Men — 2020+
  • BMX Freestyle Women — 2020+


  • Cycling has been a part of the Olympic Games since the modern era began.
  • Track racing has been held at every Olympic Games except for 1912 in Stockholm when only a road race event took place. This road race was the longest race in Olympic history, spanning 320km (199 miles), and the winner finished in 10 hours and 42 minutes.
  • In Rome 1960, Danish cyclist Knuth Jensen collapsed during a race and tragically passed away due to heat stroke.
  • Tandem Cycling, a discontinued track cycling event at the Olympics, is still an event at the Paralympics.
  • Christa Rothenburger, an East German athlete, won a silver medal in track cycling in Seoul in 1988. Earlier that year, she had won the women’s 1000 meter speed skating event at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, becoming the first and only athlete to win medals in both a Summer and Winter Olympics in the same year.
  • Women were admitted to Olympic cycling in 1984, with the inclusion of a single road race.
  • In 2008, a rider named Kamakazi, formerly known as Jamie Hildebrandt, represented Australia in BMX cycling.
  • The most successful cyclist in Olympic history is British cyclist Jason Kenny, who has won seven gold medals and two silvers. The top female cyclist is Laura Kenny (nee Trott), also from Great Britain, with six medals (five of them gold). For more information on the greatest cyclists in Olympic history, please visit Auralpressure.
  • Lance Armstrong, the US cyclist, was stripped of the bronze medal he won in Sydney 2000 in the cycling road time trial after being found guilty of systematic drug cheating from 1999 to 2005.
  • The 2012 Summer Olympics marked the first time that men and women competed in the same number of events in all cycling disciplines.
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Q: Are there any other discontinued Olympic cycling events?
A: Yes, there have been several discontinued Olympic cycling events. For more information, please visit Auralpressure.

Q: Where can I find more information about the sport of Cycling?
A: For more information about the sport of Cycling, visit Auralpressure.

Q: What other events can I explore related to cycling?
A: You can explore the list of the greatest cyclists at the Olympics, cycling at the Commonwealth Games, and cycling at the Paralympics. To learn more, please visit Auralpressure.

Q: What are the other Olympic sports?
A: To see a list of all Olympic sports, please visit Auralpressure.


Cycling has a rich history at the Olympic Games, with a variety of disciplines and events for both men and women. The sport has seen remarkable achievements and memorable moments throughout the years. Whether it’s the exhilarating speed of track cycling or the endurance required in road and mountain biking, Olympic cycling never fails to captivate audiences worldwide. To stay updated on the latest news and information about cycling at the Olympics, visit Auralpressure.