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Calculating Muscle Mass

Are you looking to determine your body’s muscle mass? In this article, we will explore a simple method using anthropometric measures of girth and skinfolds. Developed from measurements conducted on cadavers, this formula provides an effective way to calculate muscle mass without the need for sophisticated equipment.

How to Calculate Muscle Mass

To calculate muscle mass, you will need skinfold calipers, a girth measurement tape, a marker pen, and a calculator. The formula requires six anthropometric measurements, including height, girths, and skinfolds. These measurements can be taken easily and accurately, ensuring reliable results.

The Formula

The formula for calculating muscle mass is as follows:

Muscle mass (g) = H(0.0553CTG² + 0.0987FG² + 0.0331CCG²) - 2445

Here, H represents height, CTG is the corrected mid-thigh girth, FG is the forearm girth, and CCG is the corrected calf girth. By plugging in these values, you can obtain an estimate of your muscle mass.

Advantages of this Method

Compared to other muscle mass assessment techniques that require expensive and hard-to-find equipment, this method offers several advantages. The required equipment is readily available in most gyms, making it accessible for individuals looking to monitor changes in their body muscle mass with resistance training.

Target Population

This formula is specifically applicable to men. It is especially suitable for bodybuilders and sportspeople who want to track changes in their muscle mass through resistance training.

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Calculating muscle mass is now easier than ever with the use of anthropometric measures. By following a simple formula and taking specific measurements, individuals can estimate their muscle mass accurately. This method offers convenience and accessibility compared to other techniques. So, if you’re interested in monitoring your muscle mass, give this method a try and see the results for yourself.