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Bosco Counter Movement Jump

The Bosco Counter Movement Jump is a test used to measure leg power. This test is part of the Bosco Ergo Jump System and involves the athlete starting in an upright position, squatting down to a 90-degree leg bend, and immediately jumping vertically. It is similar to the Bosco Squat Jump but with a different starting position.

Bosco Counter Movement Jump

Equipment Required

To perform this test, you will need the Bosco Ergojump System or a similar device such as a jump mat, Myotest, or infrared laser system.

Pre-Test Procedures

Before conducting the test, it is important to explain the procedures to the subject and screen for any health risks. Obtain informed consent and gather basic information such as age, height, body weight, and gender. Make sure to check and calibrate the timing mat measurement. The subject should also perform an appropriate warm-up.

Test Procedure

The jump height is measured using a timing mat that records the time the feet are off the mat. The athlete stands upright on the mat with weight evenly distributed over both feet and hands placed on the hips. They then squat down until their knees are bent at a 90-degree angle and immediately jump as high as possible, landing back on the mat on both feet simultaneously. Rest between trials is important, and the take-off must be from both feet without any initial steps or shuffling. It is also crucial to avoid pausing at the base of the squat. The best result of at least three attempts is recorded, and athletes can continue to jump as long as improvements are being made.

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The timing mat provides a score for the time in the air, from which the vertical jump height can be calculated using the formula: jump height = 4.9 x (0.5 x Time)^2. Generally, the jump height achieved with the Counter Movement Jump is greater than that of the Squat Jump.

Advantages and Limitations

One disadvantage of this test is that the jump height can be affected by the amount of knee bend. Therefore, it is essential for the subject to bend their knees to the required 90 degrees each time to ensure valid results. It is worth noting that the subject may benefit from practice and should be encouraged to perform maximally each time.


Q: What is the Bosco Ergo Jump System?
A: The Bosco Ergo Jump System is a comprehensive system used for measuring leg power and includes various jump tests.

Q: Where can I see a video of the Bosco Test in action?
A: You can watch a video of a Bosco Test being conducted on the Auralpressure website.


The Bosco Counter Movement Jump is an effective test for measuring leg power. By following the proper procedures and using the appropriate equipment, athletes can accurately assess their jump height and track their progress over time. Practice and maximal effort are key to achieving optimal results. For more information about the Bosco Ergo Jump System and other vertical jump techniques, visit the Auralpressure website.


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