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Boardercross (Snowboard Cross)

Boardercross, also known as snowboard cross, is an exciting snowboarding competition where athletes race side-by-side on a specially designed course. This thrilling sport draws inspiration from Motocross and features courses with similar elements. In a boardercross race, a group of four or six snowboarders start simultaneously at the top of a winding and inclined course, competing to reach the finish line.

The Competition Format

Boardercross competitions typically consist of multiple rounds, starting with a time-trial round followed by a direct racing round. During the time-trial round, each snowboarder rides downhill against the clock. The 32 fastest riders from this round move on to the next phase. The direct racing round is conducted in a heats format, with four to six snowboarders racing against each other. The top two riders from each race advance, whittling down the field until the final four or six competitors face off to determine the medal winners.

The Challenging Course

Boardercross courses are designed to test participants’ control and speed. They feature cambered turns, various jumps, berms, rollers, drops, and sections with varying steepness. These deliberate design elements require riders to maintain control while maximizing their speed. The tracks are intentionally narrow, which often leads to exciting collisions between competitors during the race.

Boardercross in Major Events

Boardercross has been a part of the Winter X-Games from 1997 to 2012 and made a recent comeback. It has also been included as an official event in the Winter Olympics since 2006. According to the International Ski Federation and the Olympic committee, the correct name for this sport is Snowboard cross or SBX.

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Similar Sports

While boardercross stands out as a unique snowboarding competition, there are other exciting sports that share some similarities. These include:

  • Ski Cross: In this sport, multiple downhill skiers race head-to-head on a course featuring big jumps, rollers, and high-banked turns.
  • Ice Cross Downhill: An extreme winter racing sport where skaters directly race against each other on a downhill ice course.
  • Slopestyle Snowboarding: Athletes showcase their skills on a snowboard, navigating a course with various obstacles.
  • Snowboarding: The general term for descending on a slope covered in snow using a single board attached to both feet.
  • Freestyle Snowboarding: Competitors combine snowboarding tricks with descending on snow-covered slopes to earn maximum scores.
  • Snocross (or snowcross): The most popular form of snowmobile racing, which resembles motocross but takes place on snow.
  • Motocross: A thrilling form of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits that include embankments and jumps.


1. Is boardercross the same as snowboard cross?

Yes, boardercross and snowboard cross refer to the same exciting snowboarding competition.

2. How does boardercross differ from other snowboarding disciplines?

Boardercross sets itself apart from other snowboarding disciplines by focusing on head-to-head racing on a challenging course with multiple riders.

3. Can anyone participate in boardercross competitions?

Boardercross competitions are open to skilled snowboarders who meet the requirements and qualifications set by the event organizers.


Boardercross, also known as snowboard cross, offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for both athletes and spectators. This thrilling snowboarding competition features exciting races on specially designed courses, challenging riders to showcase their skills while navigating obstacles and maintaining control. Whether you’re a snowboarding enthusiast or simply a fan of thrilling winter sports, boardercross is sure to captivate your attention with its high-speed action and intense competition.

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