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Bleep Test Athlete Results

The Bleep Test is a popular fitness test that measures aerobic endurance by evaluating an individual’s ability to complete a series of shuttle runs. While the Bleep Test is widely known and utilized, there is limited information available on actual athlete scores and results. In this article, we will explore some of the known scores and results found through online research. It’s important to note that the scores provided should be taken with a grain of salt as the specific test versions, protocols, and enforcement may vary.


Despite the abundance of references to the Bleep Test online, actual scores or results being published are limited. The following are some scores that have been found through online research. However, it’s essential to consider the varying factors that may influence these scores.

Top Scores

While there are unconfirmed rumors of athletes completing the entire 23 levels of the test, it is highly unlikely. Elite endurance athletes typically reach up to level 19. Although not all scores have been confirmed, below are some test results that have been found:

Soccer / Football

  • The best score in the Bleep Test conducted for the Sporting Kansas City professional soccer team was achieved by Jordi Quintilla.
  • The US national team players are expected to cover 3,200 meters, which is equivalent to level 16 on the Bleep Test.
  • Caribbean U/20 soccer players Perry Brooks, Valdere Murphy, and Dwight Darling have shown improvement in their scores.
  • Seattle Sounders FC players had exceptional scores, beating the previous high mark.
  • Various other soccer players from different leagues and countries have recorded scores ranging from level 13 to level 19.
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Rugby Union

  • South African Eastern Province rugby union referees are required to achieve a minimum standard of 12.5 on the Bleep Test.
  • The Fiji 7s team has set a benchmark for players to achieve level 13.
  • New Zealand 7s player Frank Halai achieved level 14 at just 23 years old.
  • Taranaki’s Kylem O’Donnell reached an impressive level of 15.6, which was the highest recorded in a New Zealand sevens camp.
  • Various other rugby union players have achieved scores ranging from level 10 to level 17.

Other Sports

Scores from other sports such as field hockey, cricket, basketball, boxing, gaelic football, athletics/track & field, badminton, squash, motor sports, netball, and more have been documented. These scores vary depending on the sport and the individual athlete’s fitness level and training.


While the Bleep Test is a widely used fitness test, the availability of specific athlete scores and results is limited. It’s crucial to interpret these scores with caution as various factors can influence the results. Additionally, it’s important to note that the specific test versions, protocols, and enforcement may vary, impacting the comparability of results.