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Behcup: A Fun Putting Game

Behcup is an exciting and unique sport that combines the skills of golf putting with a twist. Instead of aiming for a hole, players attempt to putt the ball through a goal line. This engaging sport can be played individually or in teams, providing hours of fun and friendly competition.

How to Play Behcup

To play Behcup, you will need a field measuring between 6x8m to 8x20m, 10 golf or tennis balls, and a club. The objective of the game is simple: guide the ball into the goal line while competing against your opponent. Each match consists of one to six sets, with each set including 10 shots from each player.

The game begins with one player positioning the ball within the field, called the “baller.” The baller has 10 seconds to place the ball correctly. Then, the other player, known as the “cupper,” has 15 seconds to hit the shot and try to guide the ball into the goal line. Turns alternate between players, allowing both competitors to take shots and position the ball.

Rules and Strategies

In Behcup, shots must remain within the playing field. If a shot crosses the boundary, it results in a foul. Cuppers are only allowed to strike the ball positioned by the baller. Hitting any other balls on the field also counts as a foul. Each foul deducts one shot from the player’s score.

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To score a goal, the ball must completely cross the goal line. The player or team with the most goals at the end of the match emerges as the winner. With strategic shot placement and accurate putting, you can outsmart your opponent and claim victory.

Similar Sports to Behcup

If you enjoy Behcup, you might also be interested in exploring other sports with similar concepts:

  • Golf Croquet: A popular form of croquet where players take turns hitting a ball through the same hoop.
  • Woodball: A versatile sport where players use a mallet to pass a ball through gates. It can be played on grass, sand, or indoor surfaces.
  • Gateball: A team sport involving wooden mallets and balls. Players aim to strike their allocated ball through gates and ultimately hit the goal pole.
  • Trugo: A game that challenges players to strike a rubber ring, known as a “whell,” with a mallet through goalposts.
  • Mini-Golf: A version of golf that focuses solely on putting. It is typically played on artificial surfaces.
  • Golf: The classic sport of hitting balls into holes on a grass course, aiming to achieve the lowest number of strokes.


Q: How many sets are played in a Behcup match?
A: A Behcup match can consist of one to six sets, with 10 shots per player in each set.

Q: Is Behcup played individually or in teams?
A: Behcup can be played both individually and in teams, allowing for versatile gameplay options.

Q: What happens if a shot goes out of bounds?
A: If a shot crosses the playing field’s boundary, it counts as a foul and deducts one shot from the player’s score.

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Q: How is the winner determined in Behcup?
A: The player or team with the most goals at the end of the match is declared the winner.


Behcup is a thrilling and innovative sport that adds a fresh twist to traditional golf putting. Whether you prefer playing individually or as part of a team, this game offers endless opportunities for friendly competition and skill development. So grab a club, gather your friends, and experience the excitement of Behcup!

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