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Beep Test Products

Image: Beep Test

The beep test is a popular fitness test that measures aerobic capacity and endurance. If you’re looking to conduct this test, Auralpressure has a wide range of products to help you set up and execute the beep test successfully. From audio tracks to training guides and equipment, we have everything you need. Let’s explore some of the products available in our Beep Test Store.

Beep Test Audio

We offer various formats of the beep test audio track to cater to your preferences. You can download the MP3 version for free. If you prefer a physical copy, we also have the beep test available on CD. Additionally, there are Beep Test Apps available for iPhone, iPad, and related products, which can help you conduct and record the results of the test. We also provide other useful files such as Beep Test Training Levels and Beep Test Blank.

Beep Test Software

Our beep test software offers extra features that allow you to run the test directly from your computer. You can record results in real-time and generate graphs for better analysis. The software is customizable and can be used for various other beep-type tests as well.

Beep Test Support Files

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To ensure a smooth testing process, we provide support files, including an informed consent form that participants need to read and sign. This form ensures that they are aware of what the test involves and their rights. We also offer a test recording sheet for marking down the results when testing a group of athletes. For in-depth data analysis, we provide an Excel Spreadsheet File with a built-in offline calculator for determining VO2max and ratings.

Beep Test Equipment

To conduct the beep test, you will need a few essential pieces of equipment. These include marker cones, a measuring tape, and a CD or MP3 player.


Q: Where can I find the Beep Test Store?
A: You can find the Beep Test Store on the Auralpressure website. Visit Auralpressure to explore our offerings.

Q: How can I customize the beep test software for other tests?
A: Our beep test software is highly customizable. You can modify it to suit various other beep-type tests by adjusting settings and parameters accordingly.

Q: Are the beep test audio files available individually?
A: Yes, you have the option to purchase the beep test audio files individually for $5 each. However, we offer a special package that includes all the files for just $10.


Auralpressure’s Beep Test Store provides a comprehensive range of products to support the conduct and execution of the beep test. Whether you need audio tracks, software, support files, or equipment, we have you covered. Visit our website to access these resources and take your fitness testing to the next level.

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