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Beep Test Competitions

The annual Devonport Aths Club carnival in Australia has made a name for itself by introducing a beep test competition with a cash prize. Since its inception in 2009, this event has attracted participants from around the country, making it a highly anticipated competition in the athletic community. Named after former Olympic marathon runner Dave Chettle, the winners of this competition are awarded the prestigious Dave Chettle Perpetual Trophy.

The Devonport Carnival and its Beep Test Competition

The first beep test competition took place at the Devonport Carnival in 2009 and has been a regular feature ever since, with the last recorded competition held in 2016. This event has provided a platform for athletes to showcase their aerobic endurance and push their limits to reach higher levels of fitness. It has also served as an opportunity for athletes to win cash prizes, adding an exciting element to the competition.

In 2010, Tasmanian distance running champion Grant Page emerged as the winner of the Devonport beep test competition. Page managed to outlast around 30 opponents, showcasing his exceptional endurance and determination. The following year, the total prize money amounted to $1000, with the first-place winner receiving $400. The prize distribution for the remaining positions was as follows: 2nd place – $250, 3rd place – $150, 4th place – $100, 5th place – $50, and 6th place – $50.

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The success and popularity of the beep test competition at the Devonport Carnival caught the attention of athletes and organizers outside of Tasmania. As a result, there are discussions about incorporating beep test competitions into other carnivals, such as the Stawell Easter Carnival in Victoria. Mark Howard, the CEO of the Victorian Athletic League, is considering the inclusion of beep tests in various Victorian carnivals, including Stawell and Bendigo.


What is a beep test?

A beep test is an aerobic endurance test that requires participants to run back and forth between two points at increasing speeds. The test measures an individual’s VO2 max, providing insight into their cardiovascular fitness and endurance levels.

How can I participate in the Devonport Carnival beep test competition?

To participate in the beep test competition at the Devonport Carnival, athletes need to register for the event in advance. Details on registration and participation can be found on the official website of the Devonport Aths Club.

Can I download the beep test audio file?

Yes, an audio file of the beep test is available for download. It includes male and female voices, as well as a “beeps only” track. Additionally, there are eight audio tracks specifically designed for training at different test levels. These resources can be purchased individually or as part of a comprehensive beep test package.


The beep test competition at the Devonport Carnival has created a unique platform for athletes to showcase their aerobic endurance and compete for cash prizes. With its growing popularity, this event has the potential to inspire similar competitions at other carnivals across Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or looking to improve your fitness levels, the beep test offers an exciting challenge that pushes your limits and helps you achieve peak performance.

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For more information on the Devonport Carnival and its beep test competition, visit Auralpressure.