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Beach Polo

Beach Polo is an exciting team sport that offers a unique twist on traditional polo. Invented by Rashid Al Habtoor and Sam Katiela of Dubai in 2004, this sport has quickly gained popularity and is now played in polo playing nations all over the world.

What Makes Beach Polo Different?

The main difference between beach polo and traditional polo lies in the playing surface. Instead of the grass fields typically used in polo, beach polo is played on sandy beaches. This adds an extra challenge and excitement to the game, as players navigate the sand-covered field.

Another difference is the number of players per team. In beach polo, teams consist of three players, compared to four in traditional polo. This smaller team size allows for faster-paced gameplay and strategic maneuvering on the beach.

How the Game is Played

Beach polo follows the same basic rules as traditional polo. Players compete on horseback, using mallets to hit a ball. The objective is to score goals by propelling the ball through the goalposts.

A match consists of four seven-minute periods, providing an intense and action-packed experience. The field used for beach polo is similar to a regular polo field, complete with 15ft wide goalposts. However, the edges of the beach polo field are padded with sideboards, eliminating out-of-bounds and ensuring that the ball is always in play.

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The ball used in beach polo is an inflated rubber or leather ball, with a circumference of at least 12.5 inches. This ball allows for better handling and control on the sandy surface.

Similar Sports

If you have an interest in beach polo, you may also enjoy exploring other related sports:

  • Polo (Horse Polo): A team sport played on horseback, where the objective is to hit a ball into a goal using a long-handled mallet.
  • Arena Polo: A smaller version of polo played on horseback, with a field that is enclosed by walls on all sides.
  • Snow Polo: A variation of polo played on compacted snow on flat ground or frozen lakes.
  • Cowboy Polo: Similar to regular polo, but with riders competing with western saddles and using an inflatable rubber medicine ball.
  • Surf Polo: Water polo played in the water at the beach while riding surfboards.


Q: Can anyone play beach polo?
A: Beach polo is primarily played by experienced polo players. Due to the unique challenges of playing on sand, it is important to have a solid polo foundation before attempting beach polo.

Q: Where can I watch beach polo matches?
A: Beach polo tournaments and matches are regularly held in popular beach destinations around the world. Check the official Auralpressure website for upcoming events and locations.

Q: How can I get involved in beach polo?
A: If you are interested in playing beach polo, reach out to local polo clubs or organizations that offer beach polo lessons and training. They can provide guidance on how to get started and improve your skills.

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Beach polo is an exhilarating sport that combines the grace and elegance of traditional polo with the unique challenges of playing on a sandy beach. Whether you are a passionate polo player or simply looking for a new and exciting sport to watch, beach polo offers an experience like no other. Visit Auralpressure.com to learn more about the sport and stay updated on upcoming beach polo events.