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Basketball Technique: Shooting Tips

I have never met a basketball player who did not want to become a better shooter. However, many players struggle to improve their shooting skills, especially young players. Simply grabbing a ball and shooting aimlessly won’t cut it. In this article, we will provide you with valuable shooting tips that will help you elevate your game.

Have a Plan for Your Workout

When it comes to shooting practice, having a plan is crucial. You need to know how many shots you will take, where you will shoot from, and what drills you will focus on. By setting clear goals for your workout, you can track your progress and make the most out of your training sessions.

Focus on Technique, Repetitions, and Confidence

To improve your basketball shooting, you need to pay attention to three key factors: technique, repetitions, and confidence. It’s essential to develop a proper shooting technique that ensures consistency and accuracy. Additionally, repetition is the key to mastery. Take as many shots as you can, focusing on replicating your shooting form with each attempt. Lastly, maintain confidence in your abilities, regardless of whether you make or miss a shot.

Practice at Game Speed

To truly excel in shooting, it’s crucial to practice at game speed. Merely throwing the ball at the basket won’t prepare you for the intensity of a real game. Use your imagination and simulate game situations during your training. Visualize yourself in different scenarios and shoot accordingly. Creating competitive games and challenges can also help motivate you to push harder during practice.

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Consider All Aspects of Shooting

Shooting is not just about the act of shooting itself. It also involves other elements, such as receiving the ball effectively. Many missed shots occur because players struggle to catch the ball properly and face the basket. In practice, focus on realistic scenarios where you receive the ball from different positions. This will help improve your shooting accuracy under game conditions and develop essential skills for your overall game.

Attention to Detail and Game-realistic Practice

When it comes to improving your shooting, attention to detail is crucial. Pay close attention to your technique, footwork, and shot release. Ensure that you practice with high intensity and game-realistic speed. By simulating game conditions, you can better prepare yourself for the challenges you’ll face during actual games.

Remember, it’s not about which drills you do, but how you do them. Practice with a purpose, incorporating game shots, game speed, and game intensity. By following these tips and maintaining a dedicated practice routine, you will become a better basketball shooter.

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Q: How can I improve my shooting technique?
A: To improve your shooting technique, focus on maintaining proper form and consistency. Pay attention to your footwork, hand placement, and shot release. Practice with repetition and simulate game situations to refine your technique.

Q: How many shots should I take during a shooting workout?
A: The number of shots you take during a workout depends on your goals and available time. It’s important to maintain quality over quantity. Start with a reasonable number of shots and gradually increase as you progress.

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Q: What can I do to build confidence in my shooting abilities?
A: Confidence is key to becoming a better shooter. Remind yourself of your previous successes and focus on the process rather than the outcome. Visualize successful shots and practice positive self-talk to boost your confidence.


In this article, we have shared valuable basketball shooting tips to help you improve your game. By having a plan for your workouts, focusing on technique, repetitions, and confidence, practicing at game speed, and paying attention to detail, you can elevate your shooting skills to new heights. Remember to practice with purpose and simulate game situations for optimal results. Visit for more basketball shooting tips and drills. Start implementing these tips today and watch your shooting game soar!