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Arrowhead Agility Drill

The Arrowhead Agility Drill is a test that measures an athlete’s agility, focusing on body control and the ability to change direction. Initially designed for soccer players, this test has become an essential part of the assessment battery for SPARQ soccer. The purpose of this test is to evaluate an athlete’s speed, explosion, body control, and directional change over a range of angles and directions.

Test Setup and Equipment

To conduct the Arrowhead Agility Drill, you will need the following equipment:

  • Stopwatch or timing gates
  • Measuring tape or chalk for marking the ground
  • 6 marker cones
  • A flat non-slip surface

Test Procedure

The cones are laid out in an arrowhead shape, consisting of three marker cones. Additionally, one set of cones or line markers is used to indicate the start and finish line. The player starts with their foot positioned behind the starting line in a sprint start position. When ready, they run as fast as possible to the middle cone (A), then turn to run around either side cone (C) or (D), followed by running around the far cone (B) and back through the start/finish line. Each subject completes four trails, with two to the left and two to the right. It’s important to note that stepping over a cone instead of going around it will invalidate the trail.

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Scoring and Results

The best time for the left and right turning trails is recorded in seconds, rounded to the nearest two decimal places, for each direction. This provides an accurate measure of an athlete’s performance in the Arrowhead Agility Drill.

Notable Achievements

During a SPARQ testing exercise, Bryan Clay, a US Decathlete, achieved a remarkable time of 15.49 seconds in this test, as published in SPARQ Magazine’s Summer 2008 edition.

Target Population and Applications

While initially designed for soccer players, the Arrowhead Agility Drill is suitable for any sport where agility plays a vital role in an athlete’s performance.

Tips and Considerations

The Arrowhead Agility Drill not only tests an athlete’s speed and agility but also puts a significant emphasis on turning technique and coordination. Therefore, it’s essential for participants to focus on proper form and body control throughout the test.

The Test in Action

The Arrowhead Agility Drill is an integral part of the assessment battery for SPARQ soccer.

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The Arrowhead Agility Drill is an effective test for evaluating an athlete’s agility, body control, and directional change. By incorporating this drill into your training regimen, you can improve your performance in sports that require quick movements and rapid changes in direction. Remember to focus on proper form, turning technique, and coordination for optimal results.

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