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Arm Curl (Bicep) Test

The Arm Curl test is a valuable measure of upper body strength, specifically designed to assess the functional fitness of seniors. This test is a part of the Senior Fitness Test (SFT) and the AAHPERD Functional Fitness Test. It requires participants to perform as many arm curls as possible in 30 seconds while seated in a chair. By conducting this test, we can evaluate upper body strength and endurance.

Test Procedure and Equipment

To perform the Arm Curl test, you will need a 4-pound dumbbell weight (for women in the AAHPERD test), a 5-pound weight (for women in the SFT), or an 8-pound weight (for men). Additionally, you will need a chair without armrests and a stopwatch.

How to Conduct the Test

Here’s how the Arm Curl test is conducted:

  1. Explain the test procedures to the participant.
  2. Screen for any health risks and obtain informed consent.
  3. Collect basic information such as age, height, body weight, and gender.
  4. Ensure that the participant is adequately warmed up.
  5. The participant sits in the chair, holding the weight in their dominant hand using a suitcase grip (palm facing towards the body) with the arm in a vertically down position beside the chair.
  6. Brace the upper arm against the body, ensuring that only the lower arm is moving. If necessary, the tester may assist in holding the upper arm steady.
  7. Curl the arm up through a full range of motion, gradually turning the palm up (flexion with supination).
  8. Lower the arm back to the starting position, gradually returning it to a fully straightened position at the elbow.
  9. The arm must be fully bent and straightened for a repetition to be counted.
  10. Repeat this action as many times as possible within 30 seconds.
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Scoring and Interpretation

The score for the Arm Curl test is the total number of controlled arm curls performed in 30 seconds. The recommended ranges for this test based on age groups can be found in the table below:

Age Group Recommended Range
60-69 16-27
70-79 11-19
80+ 6-14

It’s important to note that the upper arm should remain stable throughout the test and should not swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the Arm Curl test?

The Arm Curl test is designed to measure upper body strength and endurance, specifically targeting the bicep muscles.

Q: Can individuals with limited mobility participate in the Arm Curl test?

Yes, the Arm Curl test is suitable for the aged population, including those who may have limited mobility and find traditional fitness tests challenging.

Q: Are there any variations in the test protocol for men and women?

Yes, there are slight differences in the weight used for women in the AAHPERD and SFT protocols. For accurate testing, it’s important to use the appropriate weight for each gender.


The Arm Curl test is an effective way to assess upper body strength and endurance, particularly in the senior population. By completing as many arm curls as possible in 30 seconds while seated, individuals can measure their functional fitness. This test is part of the Senior Fitness Test (SFT) and the AAHPERD Functional Fitness Test. Remember to ensure proper form and stability throughout the test to obtain accurate results. Improve your upper body strength today by incorporating the Arm Curl test into your fitness routine.

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