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The AIS eTID (Talent Identification) Program


The AIS eTID (Talent Identification) Program, formerly known as the National Talent Identification and Development (NTID) Program, aimed to discover Australia’s next sporting champions. Operated by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) under the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), this program had a successful track record in recruiting and developing athletes in non-mainstream sports like rowing and skeleton.

Online Talent Identification

The NTID program introduced an innovative online talent identification tool that enabled aspiring athletes aged 12 to 29 to assess their sporting potential. This free and user-friendly program allowed individuals to enter the results of a series of home-based fitness tests. If the results exceeded the average threshold, the athletes would be invited to visit a Talent Assessment Centre (TAC) for further evaluation. Successful candidates would then have access to specific NTID development programs, including support for travel, training, and coaching.

eTID Website Sections

  1. General Tests
  2. Sport Specific
  3. Elite Athlete

General Tests

The eTID website provided detailed instructions on how to conduct a range of fitness tests, including standing height, body mass, arm span, push-ups, vertical jump, and sprints. Additionally, there was an option to choose between a shuttle run (beep test) or a 1.6 km run.

Sport Specific

For individuals interested in specific sports like canoeing, cycling, rowing, triathlon, athletics, and beach volleyball, the eTID program offered sport-specific fitness tests tailored to each discipline.

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Elite Athletes

The eTID program also welcomed existing elite athletes who were seeking a career change. These athletes simply needed to provide basic personal details and sport-related information on the website.


Q: Has the AIS eTID Program been discontinued?
A: Yes, the AIS eTID Program has been discontinued, and its functions have been superseded by the AIS Sports Draft.

Q: Are there any other similar programs?
A: Yes, one such program is the SASI rate yourself program.

Q: Where can I find more information about fitness testing and talent identification for sports?
A: You can find comprehensive information about fitness testing and talent identification for sports on the Auralpressure website.

Q: Is there a complete list of fitness tests available?
A: Yes, you can find a complete list of fitness tests on the Auralpressure website.


Although the AIS eTID Program is no longer active, it played a crucial role in talent identification and development for non-mainstream sports in Australia. For aspiring athletes, the program provided an opportunity to assess their potential and access specialized development programs. While it may no longer be available, the legacy of the AIS eTID Program lives on in the AIS Sports Draft and similar initiatives. For more information on fitness testing and talent identification, visit the Auralpressure website.