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AFLW Draft Combine Player List 2021

In this article, we will be providing you with the exciting list of players invited to the highly anticipated 2021 AFLW Draft Combine. This event is an incredible opportunity for AFLW clubs to scout talented players and build their teams for the upcoming season. Due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the testing was conducted in the players’ respective home states.


Let’s start with some standout players from Victoria:

  1. Amanda Ling (Oakleigh Chargers)
  2. Annie Lee (Geelong Falcons)
  3. Ashleigh Richards (Dandenong Stingrays)
  4. Aurora Smith (Murray Bushrangers)
  5. Brooke Vickers (Oakleigh Chargers)
  6. Charlie Rowbottom (Oakleigh Chargers)
  7. Chloe Leonard (GWV Rebels)
  8. Eliza James (Oakleigh Chargers)
  9. Elizabeth Dowling (Geelong Falcons)
  10. Elizabeth Snell (Bendigo Pioneers)
  11. Ella Friend (GWV Rebels)
  12. Emelia Yassir (Calder Cannons)
  13. Gabbi Featherston (Geelong Falcons)
  14. Georgia Campbell (Eastern Ranges)
  15. Georgie Prespakis (Calder Cannons)
  16. Grace Matser (Gippsland Power)
  17. Imogen Milford (Casey Demons)
  18. Ingrid Houtsma (Geelong Falcons)
  19. Jaide Anthony (Dandenong Stingrays)
  20. Jemima Woods (Western Jets)
  21. Keeley Sherar (Eastern Ranges)
  22. Maykaylah Appleby (Northern Knights)
  23. Olivia Meagher (Eastern Ranges)
  24. Poppy Schaap (Geelong Falcons)
  25. Stella Reid (Oakleigh Chargers)
  26. Tahlia Gillard (Calder Cannons)
  27. Tahlia Meier (GWV Rebels)
  28. Tara Slender (Bendigo Pioneers)
  29. Tarrah Delgado (Northern Knights)
  30. Tess Craven (Geelong Falcons)
  31. Zali Friswell (Calder Cannons)
  32. Nyakoat Dojiok (GWV Rebels)
  33. Cadhla Schmidli (Eastern Ranges)
  34. Maeve Chaplin (Northern Knights)
  35. Sophie Locke (Port Melbourne VFLW)
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Representing Tasmania, we have:

  • Perri King (Tasmania/Glenorchy)


Queensland is well-represented with these talented players:

  • Maggie Harmer (Maroochydore)
  • Mikayla Pauga (Bond University)
  • Abbey Hewett (Wilston Grange AFC)
  • Bella Smith (Maroochydore)
  • Casey Wynne (Coolangatta)
  • Christene Okesene (Yeronga AFC)
  • Giselle Davies (Bond University)
  • Madison Goodwin (Yeronga AFC)
  • Teagan Levi (Bond University)
  • Steph O’Brien (University of QLD)

Northern Territory

From the Northern Territory, we have:

  • Ashanti Bush (NT Thunder)
  • Bella Clarke (NT Thunder)
  • Grace Mulvahil (Southern Districts)

South Australia

Representing South Australia, we have:

  • Abbie Ballard (West Adelaide)
  • Brooke Tonon (Glenelg)
  • Gypsy Schirmer (South Adelaide)
  • Lauren Breguet (Central Districts)
  • Leah Cutting (Norwood)
  • Tahlita Buethke (South Adelaide)
  • Zoe Prowse (Sturt)
  • Zoe Venning (West Adelaide)

New South Wales

New South Wales is represented by these talented players:

  • Brodee Mowbray (Southern Power)
  • Georgie Fowler (East Coast Eagles)
  • Jessica Doyle (Manly)
  • Maddy Hendrie (UNSW)
  • Teagan Germech (Belconnen Magpies)
  • Ally Morphett (Murray Bushrangers / Wagga)

Western Australia

Finally, we have the talented players from Western Australia:

  • Amy Franklin (Claremont)
  • Charlotte Thomas (Subiaco)
  • Courtney Rowley (Peel Thunder)
  • Bella Mann (Peel Thunder)
  • Beth Schilling (Peel Thunder)
  • Chloe Reilly (East Fremantle)
  • Dana East (Swan Districts)
  • Emily Bennett (Claremont)
  • Emma Nanut (Swan Districts)
  • Makaela Tuhakaraina (South Fremantle)
  • Matilda Dyke (Claremont)
  • Melisha Hardy (Swan Districts)
  • Nyra Anderson (Swan Districts)
  • Sarah Lakay (Swan Districts)
  • Tessa Doumanis (Claremont)


  1. What is the AFLW Draft Combine?

    • The AFLW Draft Combine is an event where talented players are invited to showcase their skills and fitness levels to AFLW clubs, providing them with an opportunity to be drafted onto a team for the upcoming season.
  2. How were the players selected for the AFLW Draft Combine?

    • AFLW clubs submitted a shortlist of players they were interested in, and the final group of invitees was selected from that list.
  3. Where was the testing conducted for the AFLW Draft Combine?

    • Due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the testing was done in the player’s home state.
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The AFLW Draft Combine is an exciting event that allows clubs to discover talented players and build their teams for the upcoming season. The list of players invited to this year’s combine showcases the incredible depth of talent in the AFLW. We look forward to seeing how these players perform and which teams they will join. For more information, visit Auralpressure.