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AFL Draft Camp Results 2010 State Screening

Welcome to Auralpressure! Here, we bring you the latest updates on the AFL Draft Camp. In this article, we will be discussing the results from the 2010 State Screening. So, let’s dive in!

Selected Results – WA

Let’s start with the selected results from Western Australia:

  • VERTICAL JUMP: Swan Districts teenager Isiah Stevens made an impressive leap of 1.02m, equaling Nic Naitanui’s running vertical leap record.
  • 20M SPRINT: East Fremantle small forward Rhys Cooyou showcased his speed with a time of 2.79 seconds in the 20m sprint. Aaron Elari and Anthony Kyang also recorded identical times of 2.83 seconds, placing them at 4th position in the national combine. Sam Menagola recorded 3.02 seconds.
  • BEEP TEST: The top score in this test was achieved by East Fremantle forward Sam Menagola, with an impressive level of 15.6. Anthony Kyanga achieved a score of 14.0 in the beep test.

Selected Results – SA

Moving on to South Australia, here are the selected results:

  • VERTICAL JUMP: Sam Day reached a height of 76cm in the standing vertical jump.
  • 20M SPRINT: South Adelaide’s Ken Campbell recorded an impressive time of 2.83 seconds in the 20-meter sprint, closely followed by Gavin Roberts with a time of 2.85 seconds. Sam Day achieved a time of 3.01 seconds.
  • BEEP TEST: Ken Campbell achieved a score of 14.5 in the beep test, while Sam Day and Gavin Roberts recorded scores of 13.4 and 13.1, respectively.
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Selected Results – VIC

Now, let’s take a look at the selected results from Victoria:

  • VERTICAL JUMP: Isaac Smith displayed his jumping skills with a running jump of 89cm.
  • BEEP TEST: Isaac Smith achieved an impressive level of 14.6 in the beep test.

Queenslanders in the Victorian Screening Camp

Here are the results of the 7 Queenslanders who attended the Victorian screening camp:

Vertical Jump (standing):

  • Ryley Buntain: 79cm
  • Isaac Conway: 61cm
  • Nick Jackson: 62cm
  • Ben McNiece: 69cm
  • Luke Rogerson: 77cm
  • Aden Rutledge: 56cm
  • Cain Tickner: 69cm

Vertical Jump (running) – Right:

  • Ryley Buntain: 80cm
  • Isaac Conway: 68cm
  • Nick Jackson: 62cm
  • Ben McNiece: 82cm
  • Luke Rogerson: 77cm
  • Aden Rutledge: 70cm
  • Cain Tickner: 75cm

Vertical Jump (running) – Left:

  • Ryley Buntain: 94cm
  • Isaac Conway: 74cm
  • Nick Jackson: 74cm
  • Ben McNiece: 83cm
  • Luke Rogerson: 77cm
  • Aden Rutledge: 79cm
  • Cain Tickner: 77cm

20m Sprint:

  • Ryley Buntain: 3.03 sec
  • Isaac Conway: 3.17 sec
  • Nick Jackson: 3.01 sec
  • Ben McNiece: 3.16 sec
  • Luke Rogerson: 2.90 sec
  • Aden Rutledge: 3.22 sec
  • Cain Tickner: 3.07 sec


  • Ryley Buntain: 8.70 sec
  • Isaac Conway: 9.00 sec
  • Nick Jackson: 8.29 sec
  • Ben McNiece: 9.11 sec
  • Luke Rogerson: 8.48 sec
  • Aden Rutledge: 8.84 sec
  • Cain Tickner: 8.80 sec

Repeat Sprints:

  • Ryley Buntain: 25.36 sec
  • Isaac Conway: 26.98 sec
  • Nick Jackson: 26.64 sec
  • Ben McNiece: 26.27 sec
  • Luke Rogerson: 26.54 sec
  • Aden Rutledge: 27.99 sec
  • Cain Tickner: 26.37 sec


Q: Are these results only from the State Screening?

A: Yes, these results are specifically from the State Screening part of the 2010 AFL Draft Camp.

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Q: Where can I find the results from the national draft camp?

A: You can find the results from the national draft camp for 2010 on our website. Just head over to Auralpressure and explore the AFL section.

Q: Are there any other related articles or videos available?

A: Yes, we have a range of related articles and videos on our website. You can find information about the AFL Draft Camp Tests, descriptions of the camp, and even fitness testing for other sports like the NBA, NFL, and NHL.


In this article, we discussed the selected results from the 2010 State Screening of the AFL Draft Camp. It’s fascinating to see the incredible talent and athleticism displayed by these young players. Stay tuned for more updates and news from Auralpressure, your go-to source for all things AFL!