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AFL Draft Camp Results 2002

The AFL Draft Camp is a highly anticipated event where aspiring Australian Rules Football players showcase their skills and fitness levels. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top performers from the 2002 AFL Draft Camp and highlight their impressive results.


The 2002 National AFL Draft Camp took place at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. With a total of 73 attendees, this event was a crucial opportunity for young talents to make a lasting impression on the scouts and coaches present. Let’s explore the standout performances from this camp and celebrate the incredible athleticism displayed by these aspiring AFL stars.

Standing Vertical Jump

First up, let’s discuss the standing vertical jump, a test that measures explosive power. Here are the top 5 performers in this category:

  1. Dylan Harper (Swan Districts) – 80cm
  2. Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 72cm
  3. John Meiklejohn (NSW/ACT Rams) – 71cm
  4. Jared Brennan (Southern Districts) – 68cm
  5. Daniel Wells (Peel Thunder) – 67cm

Honorable mentions include Luke Jericho from Adelaide, who achieved an impressive jump of 74cm.

Running Vertical Jump

The running vertical jump test assesses an athlete’s ability to generate power while in motion. The top performer in this category was Jared Brennan from Brisbane, who recorded an incredible jump of 102cm. Luke Jericho from Adelaide also showcased his athleticism with a jump of 86cm.

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20m Sprint

Speed is a crucial attribute in Australian Rules Football, and the 20m sprint is an ideal test to evaluate this skill. Here are the top 5 performers in this category:

  1. Jared Brennan (Southern Districts) – 2.83 seconds
  2. Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 2.87 seconds
  3. Greg Edgcumbe (Eastern Ranges) – 2.90 seconds
  4. Sean Dempster (Gippsland Power) – 2.91 seconds
  5. Daniel Bell (Glenelg) – 2.92 seconds

Other notable performers include Luke Jericho (Adelaide) with a time of 2.93 seconds and Brendon Goddard with 2.96 seconds.


Agility is a crucial component of a player’s skill set, allowing them to change direction quickly and evade opponents effectively. Here are the top 5 performers in the agility test:

  1. Byron Schammer (West Adelaide) – 7.95 seconds
  2. James Allan (Geelong Falcons) – 8.07 seconds
  3. Daniel Wells (Peel Thunder) – 8.20 seconds
  4. Kade Simpson (Eastern Ranges) – 8.26 seconds
  5. Daniel Bell (Glenelg) – 8.31 seconds

Shuttle Run

The shuttle run test measures an athlete’s speed and endurance. The top performers in this category were:

  1. Jarrad McVeigh (NSW/ACT Rams) – 15.06 seconds
  2. Daniel Wells (Peel Thunder) – 14.13 seconds
  3. Byron Schammer (West Adelaide) – 14.12 seconds
  4. Paul Shelton (Morningside) – 14.10 seconds
  5. Brett Doswell (NSW/ACT Rams) and Steven Salopek (Dandenong Stingrays) with a time of 14.09 seconds.

3km Time-trial

Endurance is a critical factor in the game of Australian Rules Football, and the 3km time-trial test evaluates an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness. The top performers in this category were:

  1. Jarrad McVeigh (NSW/ACT Rams) – 10.02 minutes
  2. Troy Selwood (Bendigo Pioneers) – 10.11 minutes
  3. Ryan Crowley (Calder Cannons) – 10.13 minutes
  4. Paul Shelton (Morningside) and Daniel Wells (Peel Thunder) with a time of 10.21 minutes
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Finally, let’s take a look at the height measurements of the participants. The top 5 players in terms of height were:

  1. Hamish McIntosh (Murray Bushrangers) – 201.8cm
  2. Cameron Wight (Calder Cannons) – 199.2cm
  3. Jason Laycock (Tassie Mariners) – 198.2cm
  4. Paul Johnson (Dandenong Stingrays) – 196.8cm
  5. Tristan Cartledge (North Ballarat Rebels) – 196.6cm

Other Impressive Results

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Paul Johnson had the biggest handspan (26.5cm) and longest arms (86.5cm) at the National AFL Draft camp. These physical attributes surely left a lasting impression on the scouts.


Q: How many attendees were there at the 2002 AFL Draft Camp?
A: The 2002 AFL Draft Camp had a total of 73 attendees.

Q: Who achieved the highest standing vertical jump at the camp?
A: Dylan Harper from Swan Districts achieved the highest standing vertical jump at the 2002 AFL Draft Camp, reaching an impressive height of 80cm.


The 2002 AFL Draft Camp showcased the incredible talent and potential of aspiring Australian Rules Football players. From impressive jumps to lightning-fast sprints, these athletes left no doubt about their commitment to the sport. We look forward to seeing how these standouts develop and contribute to the AFL in the coming years.

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Please note that the information provided in this article is based on the AFL Draft Camp results from 2002 and may not reflect the current state of the sport.

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