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AFL Combine Results 2019 State Screening

Welcome to Auralpressure’s coverage of the AFL Combine Results 2019 State Screening. In this article, we will provide you with a selection of fitness test results from the state screenings as part of the 2019 AFL draft combine. These screenings are held in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, inviting the next level of players to showcase their skills.

SA Top State Combine Results

Let’s start with the top state combine results from South Australia:

20m sprint

  • Harrison Magor North: 2.84 seconds
  • Luke Partington Glenelg: 2.87 seconds
  • Jy Farrar Adelaide: 2.90 seconds
  • Tom Hutchesson Adelaide: 2.90 seconds
  • Michael Frederick Eagles: 2.94 seconds
  • Elliot Dunkin West: 2.97 seconds
  • Brad Close Glenelg: 2.97 seconds


  • Tom Hutchesson Adelaide: 7.87 seconds
  • Jed McEntee Sturt: 7.91 seconds
  • Cole Gerloff Norwood: 8.02 seconds
  • Luke Beecken Eagles: 8.09 seconds
  • Brad Close Glenelg: 8.11 seconds
  • Harrison Magor North: 8.13 seconds

Yo-Yo Test

  • Luke Beecken Eagles: 21.5
  • James Rowe Eagles: 21.3
  • Luke Partington Glenelg: 21.2
  • Harrison Magor North: 20.8
  • Michael Frederick Eagles: 20.8

Standing Vertical Jump

  • Mihail Lochowiak Sturt: 75cm
  • Anzac Lochowiak Sturt: 73cm
  • Elliot Dunkin West: 68cm
  • Lachlan Burrows Sturt: 67cm
  • Henry Crauford Norwood: 66cm

Running Vertical Jump

  • Mihail Lochowiak Sturt: 96cm
  • Anzac Lochowiak Sturt: 91cm
  • Lachlan Burrows Sturt: 84cm
  • Jy Farrar Adelaide: 81cm
  • Harrison Magor North: 80cm
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WA Top State Combine Results

Now let’s take a look at the top state combine results from Western Australia:

Vertical Jump

  • Noah Pegoraro: 76cm
  • Jeremy Goddard: 74cm
  • Jack Cooley: 73cm

Running Vertical Jump

  • Noah Pegoraro: 92cm
  • Isaiah Butters: 87cm
  • Jack Cooley: 87cm

20m Sprint

  • Cameron Anderson: 2.88 seconds
  • Ryan Bennell: 2.97 seconds
  • Zak Patterson: 2.97 seconds

Agility Test

  • Tyrone Thorne: 7.761 seconds
  • Ryan Bennell: 7.762 seconds
  • Nick Martin: 8.00 seconds

Yo-Yo Test

  • Regan Clarke: 21.8
  • Jarvis Pina: 21.4
  • Nick Martin: 21.1

2019 Rookie Me Combine Results

Lastly, let’s explore the results from the 2019 Rookie Me Combine:

Standing Vertical Jump

  • Andrew Courtney (Sandringham Dragons): 81cm
  • Joel Ottavi (Williamstown): 79cm
  • Ayce Taylor (Northern Knights): 78cm
  • Alex Cincotta (Geelong VFL): 77cm
  • Nigel Lockyer (NT Thunder): 76cm

Running Vertical Jump

  • Jeremy O’Sullivan (Calder Cannons): 96cm
  • Andrew Courtney (Sandringham Dragons): 94cm
  • Jake Riccardi (Werribee): 92cm
  • Bigoa Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays): 92cm
  • Brodie Newman (Calder Cannons): 92cm
  • Nathan Stewart (Calder Cannons): 92cm

20-Metre Sprint

  • Bigoa Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays): 2.855 seconds
  • Ryan Gardner (Northern Knights): 2.927 seconds
  • Lachlan Gawel (Eastern Ranges): 2.929 seconds
  • Sam Lowson (Coburg): 2.930 seconds
  • Nigel Lockyer (NT Thunder): 2.933 seconds
  • Kaden Schreiber (Oakleigh Chargers): 2.934 seconds
  • Blake Kuipers (Dandenong Stingrays): 2.939 seconds

Agility Test

  • Bior Malual (Werribee): 8.018 seconds
  • Louis Pinnuck (Werribee): 8.069 seconds
  • Toby Mahony (GWV Rebels): 8.084 seconds
  • Ben Jungfer (NT): 8.140 seconds
  • Sam Durham (Murray Bushrangers): 8.171 seconds

Yo-Yo Test

  • Bior Malual (Werribee): 21.8
  • Ben Worme (Bendigo Pioneers): 21.6
  • Zak Pretty (Eastern Ranges): 21.5
  • Kieren Parnell (NT): 21.5
  • Jared Dakin (Tasmania Devils): 21.3
  • Frank Anderson (Northern Blues): 21.3
  • Harry Loughnan (Sandringham Dragons): 21.3
  • Corey Watts (Sandringham Dragons): 21.3
  • Blake Kuipers (Dandenong Stingrays): 21.3
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Q: Where are the state screenings held?
A: The state screenings are held in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Q: How are the state screenings different from the national combine?
A: The state screenings have a slightly different protocol. The players complete all the tests in just one day compared to the national combine, where the tests are spread over several days with more time for recovery.

Q: Are these results compared to the top national draft camp results for 2019?
A: Yes, these results can be compared to the top national draft camp results for 2019.


In conclusion, the AFL Combine Results 2019 State Screening showcases the impressive performance of talented players across South Australia, Western Australia, and the Rookie Me Combine. These results are a testament to the dedication and skills of the players hoping to make their mark in the AFL. Stay tuned to Auralpressure for more updates on AFL and other exciting sports events.

Sources: AFL.com and other online publications.