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AFL Combine Results 2018 State Screening

Are you curious about the latest fitness test results from the State Screening part of the 2018 AFL draft combine? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a selection of results and insights from this exciting event. Whether you’re a fan of Australian rules football or simply interested in fitness testing, we’ve got you covered.

State Screening: A Gateway to the National Combine

The State Screening is an important phase of the AFL draft combine, where the next level of talented players is invited to showcase their skills. Players from Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth gather at their respective state combine events. While the protocol used in these screenings differs slightly from the main AFL combine, they remain an essential step towards the national draft camp.

Highlights from the Victorian State Combine

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout results from the Victorian state combine. Please note that these are not comprehensive rankings, but rather a glimpse into the impressive performances on display.

20m Sprint

  • Dylan Landt (Calder Cannons): 2.99 seconds
  • Seb Williams (Sandringham Dragons): 3.01 seconds
  • Doulton Langlands (Murray Bushrangers): 3.02 seconds
  • And more…

Yo Yo Test

  • Seb Williams (Sandringham Dragons): Level 21.6
  • Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons): Level 21.6
  • Max Dreher (North Knights): Level 21.6
  • And more…
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Impressive Results from South Australia

South Australia also held its own state combine event, showcasing the talent from this region. Here are some notable results:

20m Sprint

  • Jake Tarca: 2.96 seconds
  • Isaac Saywell: 2.97 seconds
  • Jacob Collins: 2.98 seconds
  • And more…

Yo-Yo Test

  • Kai Pudney: Level 22.1
  • Isaac Saywell: Level 21.6
  • Tom Lewis: Level 21.4
  • And more…

Agility Test

  • Kai Pudney: 7.90 seconds
  • Boyd Woodcock: 8.09 seconds
  • Tom Lewis: 8.15 seconds
  • And more…

Vertical Jump

  • Mihail Lochowiak: 96cm
  • Isaac Saywell: 94cm
  • Kade Chandler: 93cm
  • And more…

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Q: What is the AFL draft combine?
A: The AFL draft combine is an event where aspiring Australian rules football players showcase their skills and fitness levels to potential recruiters.

Q: What is the purpose of the State Screening?
A: The State Screening invites the next level of talented players to participate in fitness tests, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their abilities and potentially progress to the national draft camp.

Q: How are the state combine events different from the national combine?
A: The state combines have a different protocol, with players having just one day to complete the tests compared to the national combine, which spans multiple days.

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Q: Can I access comprehensive rankings and results from the AFL draft combine?
A: Yes, you can find detailed rankings and results on and other trusted sources.


In this article, we explored the results and highlights from the State Screening phase of the 2018 AFL draft combine. From impressive sprint times to exceptional yo-yo test performances, these fitness tests offer a glimpse into the future stars of Australian rules football. Stay informed and engaged with for the latest news, insights, and comprehensive coverage of sports and fitness testing. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey!