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About Floorball

Floorball, also known as Uni-Hockey, Salibandy, or Innebandy, is a popular indoor sport that originated in Sweden in the 1970s. This unique form of floor hockey has gained significant popularity in Nordic countries and can be considered a non-ice version of Ice Hockey, played on feet rather than skates.

The Basics of Floorball

Floorball is played by both men and women in teams consisting of five field players and a goalkeeper. The game is played in three periods, each lasting twenty minutes. The field resembles an ice hockey rink, with inset goals and players allowed to play behind the goals and bounce the ball off the surrounding walls.

Players use an 80-100cm long stick, similar to a hockey stick, to hit a lightweight plastic ball with holes, similar to a whiffleball. To ensure player safety, shin guards, protective padding, and eye protectors are permitted during the game.

Rules and Gameplay

Floorball is a non-contact sport, which means that stick checking, lifting, locking, or slashing are not allowed. Incidental shoulder contact is the only exception to this rule. Only the goalie is allowed to use their hands to catch or handle the ball. Additionally, foot passes to another player are permitted, but players may not do so twice in a row. The ball cannot be played above the waist.

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International Recognition

Floorball is internationally organized by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). The sport is celebrated with the men’s and women’s World Floorball Championships held every two years. Another major competition is the Euro Floorball Cup, which features club teams from various countries.

Similar Sports

  • Floor Hockey: Refers to a collection of indoor hockey sports derived from various hockey codes, including floorball.
  • Indoor Field Hockey: An indoor team sport derived from field hockey.
  • Broomball: A game similar to ice hockey played with a broom and no skates. There is also a similar version called Moscow Broomball.
  • Ball Hockey: Very similar to ice hockey, but played on foot and on a non-ice surface.
  • Spongee: An outdoor non-contact sport played on an ice rink with rubber boots and a sponge puck instead of a hard puck used in ice hockey.
  • Roller Hockey: Includes Rink Hockey (also known as Quad Hockey) and Inline Hockey.
  • Street Hockey: A variation of ice hockey played on foot on a non-ice surface, using a ball instead of a puck.
  • Indoor Field Hockey: An indoor team sport derived from field hockey.


Q: How many players are allowed in a floorball team?
A: Floorball teams consist of five field players and a goalkeeper.

Q: Are there any safety measures in place during floorball games?
A: Yes, players are allowed to wear shin guards, protective padding, and eye protectors to prevent injuries.

Q: Can the ball be played above the waist during a floorball game?
A: No, the ball cannot be played above the waist.

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Floorball offers an exciting and fast-paced alternative to traditional ice hockey. With its unique rules and non-contact nature, it provides a thrilling experience for players and spectators alike. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to the sport, floorball is sure to captivate you with its dynamic gameplay and sense of camaraderie.

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