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8 Foot Up-and-Go Test

The 8 Foot Up-and-Go test is a coordination and agility test specifically designed for the elderly as part of the Senior Fitness Test Protocol. This test focuses on measuring speed, agility, and balance while moving.


The purpose of the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test is to assess the participant’s speed, agility, and balance during movement. It provides valuable insights into their overall mobility and physical fitness.

Equipment Required

To conduct this test, you will need the following equipment:

  • Stopwatch
  • Straight back or folding chair (approximately 17 inches/44 cm high)
  • Cone marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Area clear of obstacles

Test Procedure

To perform the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test, follow these steps:

  1. Place the chair next to a wall for safety, and position the cone marker 8 feet in front of the chair. Ensure the path between the chair and the marker is clear.
  2. Instruct the participant to start fully seated, with hands resting on their knees and feet flat on the ground.
  3. On the command “Go,” the participant should stand up and walk (without running) as quickly and safely as possible to and around the cone, and then return to the chair to sit down.
  4. Use a stopwatch to time the participant’s performance. Stop the timer as they sit down. Repeat the test for a total of two trials.


To determine the participant’s score, take the best time achieved out of the two trials to the nearest 1/10th of a second. The table below shows recommended time ranges based on age groups (adapted from Jones & Rikli, 2002).

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Men’s Results

Age Group Recommended Time Range (seconds)
60-64 5.0 – 5.9
65-69 5.2 – 6.0
70-74 5.8 – 6.7
75-79 6.7 – 7.5
80-84 7.3 – 8.1
85+ 8.1 – 9.1

Women’s Results

Age Group Recommended Time Range (seconds)
60-64 5.7 – 6.7
65-69 5.9 – 6.7
70-74 6.7 – 7.6
75-79 7.3 – 8.3
80-84 8.1 – 9.1
85+ 9.1 – 10.4

Target Population

The 8 Foot Up-and-Go test is specifically designed for the elderly population who may have difficulty performing traditional fitness tests.

Best Practices and Recommendations

For optimal results, consider the following tips:

  • It is advisable to practice the test once before conducting the official trials.
  • Participants can use a cane or walker if that is their usual mode of walking.
  • Push-off from the chair is allowed during the test.


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The Test in Action

The 8 Foot Up-and-Go test is an essential part of the Senior Fitness Test Protocol.

Similar Tests

  • Sitting-Rising Test: Assesses flexibility, balance, and muscle strength in the elderly.
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Q: How does the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test assess agility?

The 8 Foot Up-and-Go test measures agility by evaluating the participant’s speed and coordination while moving through an obstacle course.

Q: Can individuals with mobility aids participate in this test?

Yes, individuals can use their usual mobility aids, such as a cane or walker, during the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test for accurate assessment.

Q: How many trials should be performed for this test?

Two trials should be conducted for the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test, and the best time achieved out of the two trials should be recorded.


The 8 Foot Up-and-Go test is a valuable tool for assessing the agility and mobility of elderly individuals. By measuring speed, coordination, and balance during movement, this test provides insightful information about their overall physical fitness. It is important to follow proper procedures and scoring guidelines to ensure accurate results. Incorporating this test into fitness evaluations for the elderly can help tailor exercise programs and improve overall well-being. To learn more about the 8 Foot Up-and-Go test and other related assessments, visit our website and discover the Senior Fitness Test today.