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2014 NHL Entry Draft Combine Results

The 2014 NHL Entry Draft Combine was a significant event in the world of ice hockey. Held for the 21st time, it featured interviews, medical screenings, and fitness tests over the course of four days. Dr. Norm Gledhill, a professor of kinesiology at York University, led the combine, with assistance from employees and graduate students from the York University Human Performance Lab.

The combine took place at the Toronto Congress Centre in Canada and welcomed over 100 draft-eligible players from North America and Europe. From May 26 to 31, these top ice hockey prospects showcased their skills and abilities.

Top-10 Lists

The 2014 NHL Scouting Combine included several fitness tests, and here are the top 10 results for each test:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Wingspan
  • Skinfolds/Body Fat
  • Grip Strength (Right Hand)
  • Grip Strength (Left Hand)
  • Bench Press Test (No. of reps at 150 lbs.)
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Vertical Jump (with pause)
  • Vertical Jump (no pause)

This year, there were a few new tests added to the combine, including overhand pull-ups, single-leg squats for both legs, and pro-agility tests. These new additions replaced push-ups, the push-pull station, and the seated medicine ball throw.

The 2014 combine also introduced the pull-up test. Interestingly, although ranked first in NHL Central Scouting’s final 2014 draft rankings, the Kingston Frontenacs centre Bennett struggled with pull-ups and couldn’t perform any.

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Furthermore, other tests such as single-leg squats, pro-agility tests, Wingate tests, aerobic fitness tests, hand-eye coordination tests, and the four-jump mat were included to assess the players’ overall fitness and performance.

For more detailed information on the testing procedures and results, please refer to the official NHL website and other reliable sources.


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