CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-11 [2005]
Ltd x 30

Rabochiy Kontrol

The question I’m often asked by my long suffering wife is this: What the fuck do you get out of listening to that shit? By ‘that shit’ she means music that is classified as Extreme Electronic. I’ve not yet been able to give her a suitable answer. She has a point. Where is the fun in listening to the unbearable. What exactly do I gain from a recording that has seemingly no merits and is made purely to annoy and induce pain. Perhaps by spinning this release by ZFK I’ll be able to rationalise it all and finally be able to conjure up an appropriate response.

ZFK are Russian."Rabochiy Kontrol" is one long track recorded live 25th July 2004. The track lasts for approximately 44 minutes 52 seconds. Summarising quickly in three words: it’s a fucking racket. A bloody great big fucking racket. A non stop assault on the senses. Even the quiet parts are fucking noisy. The lull in proceedings about half way through is totally and deliberately misleading. There’s no respite. High frequencies which would kill a cat stone dead in ten paces are amplified and distorted and thrown about with gay abandon with no consideration for the effects it will induce. How many people were hospitalised during and after this concert isn’t mentioned but one assumes the Red Cross were kept busy throughout. Originality…nah…who needs it. Pummel the listener into submission is the name of the game. A game where hitting the stop button means you’re a chicken shit and loser. Last to the end then give yourself a medal. Congratulations you’ve passed th e pain threshold test.

ZFK will win no musical awards for "Rabochiy Kontrol". No visit to the Brits or Q magazine bashes. The musical equivalent of utter despair and ugly desolation doesn’t sit with the pretty boys of culture. Counter culture terrorism is where ZFK are at and at their heart beats the sound of glorious chaos. And therein is my answer to ‘that’ question. I’m different. I find the noise that groups like ZFK produce stimulating. Something about it genuinely moves me. Blows me away. Makes me feel…alive. Next time she asks I’ll tell her to ‘fuck off’…under my breath of course. If you ever met her you would know why.


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