CDR: Scatological Liberation Front 23 / Backwards Records 020 [2005]

przyspieszanie kroku na pracy
potrojna ilosc wznosi podwojny cios pracy
krajanie rodzenie
zero defect (molting)
naprawo od przed bogiem przeklinal autobus
kurcze stac na czele
sciagaja na na odpadki moze
lubie zeby smakowac wlos lubic rzeczy

Zdefekt is a seven person collaboration featuring members of Euprondisson, Syphilis Sauna, Harmoxscape and Mortii. The primary focus here is on percussion centered tribal/noise. Gerald Hansen (formerly of Count Fistula and Euphondisson) and Bez Shumwas (Euphondisson) provide the beats. The instrumentation consists of guitars, bass, synths, drums and tape loops.

Though the instrumentation is quite diverse, the drums are the stars here. There is something tame about this recording. Maybe it's the "tribal" (read "structured and restrained") drumming that prevents it from veering off into the harsh noise-fest that i'd hoped it would be. Just the same, fans of industrial noise bands like Einstürzende Neubauten should really dig this. The track 'Krajanie Rodzenie' is a nicely developed twenty minute-plus study of the various synths and effects on hand which morphs into a very solid drum driven conclusion. The introspective noodling coupled with the dropping in and out of a pre-recorded vocal is very cool.

The packaging of the CD (which includes a booklet of studio photos for us gear freaks) is well done. Lots of information and a tasty design.


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