CDR: Fight Muzik FM24 [2004]
Ltd x 30


I don’t have a clue how you pronounce the name of this group. I pondered and puzzled for ages so I asked my dyslexic brother to help me and all he came up with was ‘elephant’. That’s the way he read it. Illiterate dumb twat.

The packaging is worth mentioning here before the review proper starts. Picture this if you can. Take an A5(ish) bit of card…fold it like a puzzle…put a pin on it to hold it all together. Right. Thankfully I have my ‘O’ level in origami otherwise I would have shredded it to pieces to get to the CD inside. Weird. Which I suppose is a way of preparing you for the music contained therein.

Track 1 starts off with some rant spoken in Russian. No music. Just a good old spoken rant. I take it ‘they who cannot be pronounced’ as I like to call YAO 91404 D are from Russia. An inspired guess on my behalf and hopefully correct. Track 2 begins with a folk song before morphing into a mechanical dark noise of epic proportions. Track 3 opens with some crowd chants then quickly descends into more malevolent bleak noise territory. Track 4 has a cute sing-along vocal ethnic vibe …in Japanese I think this time…fuck I’m confused and lost…which then explodes into more dynamic noise and turbulence. Track 5 goes straight into a metal bashing overload splodge which threatens to waken the dead. The 6th and last track has another …Russian?…your guess is as good as mine…folk song that once again ends with a good old freak out of random sounds thrown into a mixer and spewed forth like a vomit projectile.

Strange packaging. Strange sounds. Strangely brilliant in a way that’s totally incomprehensible. Very limited release. You know what you need to do.


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