CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-12 [2005]
Ltd x 68


Based on the book ‘The last Soviet Writer’ by Ilya Mascdov, the five tracks on this limited edition CDR have an old school / olde skool Industrial flavour about them. Encompassing everything from rhythmic Industrial loops through lo fi noise and old band / news samples "Key to Abyss", on the highly collectable Abgurd Subdivision Record label from Russia, is a melting pot of ideas that is, quite frankly, profoundly strange and dynamic and yet highly entertaining in that ‘it shouldn’t work but it does so I dig it’ kind of way.

The first track…none are titled…begins with a sample speaking in Russian about Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin the Russian cosmonaut who died in 1968. Then the noise begins. Sounding similar to a weakened buzz saw full of static or the noise electricity makes flowing through pylons amplified 100 fold interspersed with electronic splurges. Track two goes back to more talk of Yuri before the buzz saws return…but this time there’s a rhythmic electronic background that slowly builds in intensity until it threatens to blow the speakers. Track three is a shock. Think of Glen Miller and his big band orchestra circa 1940 and ‘Moonlight becomes you’. Not that I’m up to speed on dead Glen but this sample sounds reminiscent of that style of music. The calm proceeding and before the storm. Subtle touch as it then descends into looped placid rhythmic Industrial noise, for 20 minutes, that becomes very hypnotic in effect. Track four takes the noise rhythmic dynamic as its base, harsh and as r ough as sandpaper, from which assorted squalls are introduced throughout its 18 minutes. Another contradiction from the previous more mellow track. Track five ends the recording with a whispered voice over ambient electronics which dramatically melts into some lounge lizard tart singing in some cheap and nasty cabaret.

How "Key to Abyss" relates to the book I have no idea so will forgo that comparison. Taking the music as it stands let’s just say it’s off kilter enough to be memorable. The constant altering and range of styles makes for a recording that is suitably different but no less enjoyable for it.


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