CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-10 [2005]
Ltd x 49

Heroes Of The Coal Age

According to the Abgurd label website this release of 49 copies in a DVD case has already sold out. Now the website could be out of date or this is in fact a re-release. Whatever way it falls what is certain is that the artist who records as YAO 91404D is in a world of his own music-wise. Recovering from his previous sent in for review recordings "Key to the Abyss" and "Pervomai" it was with a trembling anticipation that I approached this.

"Heroes of the Coal Age" is two 16 minute pieces of muzak…their spelling…for coal miners and inspired by the life of people in post WW2 USSR. Utilising all manner of milling cutters, perforators, steam hammers and probably other machinery the sounds have been recorded and where required processed slightly and turned into looped throbbing noise that is energetically rhythmic and frightening in equal measure. Interspersed within this Industrial mayhem is samples of retro folk songs and speech. The music of early Einstürzende Neubauten pales into insignificance after hearing this. "Power tools. I’ll show you power tools" you can almost hear YAO 91404D cry. You can almost smell the sweat emancipating from the hardened muscles as the miners arrive above ground such is the way the music recreates this hellish workplace. Drills buzz and metal meets metal as souls are crushed for the state machine.

Fascinating yet repulsive at the same time the music is far from easy listening and yet commands respect for creating such a disturbing aural picture in the mind.


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