3" CDR: Ghost King / Existence Establishment II [2005]
Ltd x 100

Xiphoid Burn

Arriving housed in a normal sized cardboard cover comes this 3 inch CDR (…will someone, anyone please, please, please explain to me what the fuck is the point of this format…) from the combined talents of Xiphoid Dementia & Burn Ward. Xiphoid Dementia I already know about having reviewed and highly rated "Embalmed In Purity" which was the last opus from Egan S Budd. Burn Ward on the other hand is a hitherto unknown act to these ears with a couple of releases already out. Never reviewed them because none were sent in for review. Their loss.

Unlike most of my reviews I’ll keep this one fairly short. This one track composition is a sub 16 minutes of purest power drone electronics. That’s it. That’s all. Fucking good stuff though. No samples. No death vocals. Nothing to get in the way of the noise which churns and floats, appears then disappears, squeals and squalls, integration before disintegration, man and machine in perfect harmony / disharmony. Fucking good stuff though. Apologies for repeating myself there.

But…it’s on a 3 inch CDR. And only lasts under 16 minutes. Which is a wasted opportunity on the part of both acts. So enamoured and engrossed was I with this track that I kind of felt cheated when it finished. They really should have put out a full recording with much more of the same on it. With a rebel yell I cried more, more, more…with apologies to a certain shite motorcycle accident prone ex-punk. Maybe next time. For now though this will just have to suffice.


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