3" CD: Mile 329 329:16 [2004]

Circuit's Edge

The sister release to the Neutralizing Force EP [Read the review here] - you can buy them both for US$10 which isn't bad - this neat little three-incher shares with its labelmate a liking for cod-classical arrangements, crunchy beats and layers of harmonic noise, as well as some seriously old-school synth patches.

Wreathy, however, lean more towards the swords-and-sorcery soundtrack genre, albeit put through the industrial grinder, than for the 8-bit game music feel of their peers. Perhaps they're going for the type of geek that got together with his geeky mates every weekend to play AD&D rather than the other sort that stayed at home playing Elite. (I say this like I didn't do both.) The title track sets it all to what sounds like slowed-down breakcore rhythms, bizarrely, whereas 'Circuit's Edge' and 'Blight' have more of a ritualistic Cold Meat vibe which works slightly better. They finish it off with a forty-second outro consisting mostly of bursts of blistering noise, as if to prove that they are hard after all and not just a bunch of axe-wielding acne-ridden barbarians. Quality.


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