CD: Essence Music ESS001 [2003]
Ltd x 599

Dawn in Blood
Wheel of Eight Spears
Cyclical Cross of Red Harvesting
A Nascente de Pureza
A Word from the Savages
The Narrow Chasm Opening the Mountain Entrails
Chariot of Race, Chariot of Sun
The Sacrificial Blade
Nocturnal Winds and Masks of Renewal
Pyres in the Fog
Campo de Matanças
O Crepusculo Flamejante

Do I like this or do I not? I'm buggered, not literally if you get me, if I know. Taking the scientifically proven approach I'm going to toss a coin. Head I like it. Tails I don't. Up flips the coin. It spins for dramatic effect 4 times in the air and lands with a dull thud on the table. Heads. I must like it then. Why? It might have something to do with the different instruments used on the recording. Loops, guitar, flutes, synthesiser, bells, percussion, wheels and bones (I shit you not), carillon (whatever that is) and many more. Or it might be the different sound textures produced by these instruments that envelope the senses heightening the listening experience. Or is it the scope / ambition of the artist to change from Martial music into Dark Ambient into Neo-Classical into "whatever the fuck you want to call it this week" ambient? Maybe, just maybe, it's because it's limited to 599 copies and I kinda like being a member of an exclusive club to an artist hardly anyone has heard of. Of course it could just be that overall I like my music to be dark, bleak, and desolate and this fits the bill nicely.

Fuck it. Best of three. The coin is flipped again, and for even more dramatic effect, falls off the table onto the carpet below. Tails. I don't like it. I don't like it because it's nothing I haven't already heard a million times (slight exaggeration there) before. Like cats eyes it's very middle of the road.

Last go. The coin is flipped etc, etc. Heads. Great! I must like it. Sorted - for now. I suppose the question you want answered is - should I buy it? You're all mature adults. You decide. It's your gamble. Just keep a coin at hand in case you're as indecisive as me.


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