2 x CD: Weird Amplexus WAX10 [2004]
Ltd x 1000

Morphogenesis I
Morphogenesis II
Rumi - Transmission Fields Pt I
Morphogenesis III
Earthdust (Aura)
Morphogenesis IV

Morphogenesis V
White Hypnotic
Morphogenesis VI
Morphogenesis VII
Desert Flagpole - Transmission Fields Pt II
Morphogenesis VIII

2004 has been an exceptional year for music within the neo classical / power electronics / ambient etc genres that fans of this site love. There have been awesome releases from the big labels including CMI, OEC, Dark Vinyl, Cold Spring et al and also amazing limited releases from small independent labels from Poland, France, Russia, USA etc. Being totally anal, which I’m not in the least bit ashamed of, I’ve compiled a list of my top 50 releases for 2004 and from that abundance of goodies am pleased to announce my ‘Record of the year’. After beating off stiff competition from Melek Tha, ACOH, Werkraum, L/A/B and Atrium Carceri the accolade, which this is from one with a such discerning taste, goes to…Wintersilence. My choice may surprise some people. It surprised me and it was my bloody list and choice in the end. So why did Wintersilence win this award against such heavy competition? Fucking good question if I say so myself and one that deserves answering.

"Transmission Fields" is not your normal record by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t fall into any of the normal categories that I actively champion. There’s no searing eyeball popping noise or great ‘let’s invade Poland again’ type martial drumming or depths of despair black ambiance…although there are ambient style passages throughout. What is here is a double cd of music that totally transcends time. This is a beautiful merging of Eastern mantra chants with eloquent songs sung / spoken laid over a background of strummed and fuzzy guitars coupled with atmospheric electronics and source recordings. Utilizing authentic Indian / Arabian/ Australian instruments…and yes the didgeridoo so beloved of that kangaroo fucking pervert Rolf Harris makes an appearance…makes for a heady blend of music so full of love and the lust for life that the joy it brings is unsurpassable. The drifting sweeping passages brings forth a message of hope and joy in these darkened times of unrest and uncertainty. A simple drum beat is forged through the layers of iridescent patterns of electronic waves creating the ultimate dreamscapes in which to lose oneself. Journeying onward you encounter subtle drones and shaman chants that take you into another dimension freeing the burdened soul. Every one of the nineteen tracks are so varied and different in their execution and yet they meld together seamlessly into one complete portion of music that eludes description.

"Transmission Fields" is the epoch of meditative music so exquisitely put together that my mere ramblings couldn’t hope to do justice to its majesty. Utterly fantastic and highly deserving of my ‘Record of the year 2004’ award.


[Winter Silence] / [Weird Amplexus]

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