CD: Hands Productions D069 [2004]

Solar Peace
Nuclear Free North America
Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons (Poison Dust)
Eco-Lateral Damage
Act Global
Modulation Four
Genetic Imperialism
Stop Dow (Diane Wilson Version)

It's been a while since I purchased Rhythmic Noise; I seem to have been delving into Dark Ambient a lot more recently and decided that it was time for a sonic kick up the arse. Winterkälte were always one of my RN favourites (alongside Converter) and both "Structures Of Destruction" and "Drum 'N' Noise" graced my stereo for weeks at a time (much to my partner's dismay!). I missed out on "Greenwar" for some reason, but will soon have to rectify that!

"Disturbance" is more of the hard, fast and relentless rhythmic barrages that I was hoping for, ala "Structures Of Destruction". Most of the usual suspects in the RN genre seem to have watered down recently and gone for a more electronica approach which can be very disappointing. But with tracks like 'Nuclear Free North America' and 'Pops' Winterkälte prove they are still at the head of the game in the headfuck states. I'm not as keen on some of the faster, techno tracks ('Stop Dow' for example), but this makes an interesting break from the noisier tracks, thus giving them an extra boost. You still get the great repetitive loops that make this release hypnotic and addictive and I suspect this will also be around my stereo for some time to come.

The CD is very fresh in style, with some unbelievable noise assaults ('Modulation Four' in particular) and you would be well advised to stick this in your player before a night out! I can't help but mention the packaging. You have the usual excellent Hands unusual digipak but this time with flocking on the outside.
Everything about this release says "Touch Me"....


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