CD: Ad Noiseam ADN35 [2004]

Empire of the snake
As giants watch over us
The mystery of inquity
The disappearance of man
The fiddler and the fool
The coming plague
Media labyrinth
Engineering eternity
Reversing magnetism
Tangled in briars
Wires for nerves

I’m forever pondering. Questions that need answering revolve like a vortex in my brain. Like what do dogs get out of smelling each other’s arses? I smelt by dog’s arse and all I got was the scent of shit and a leg full of canine. So I’m still none the wiser with that one. I also keep asking myself why I like the music of Wilt so much? At times the sounds are so incomprehensible and intangible it’s a struggle to get through. Yet time after time I return for more punishment.

Wilt sit like a Siren on a barren rock serenading me with its song knowing that resistance is futile. If that makes any sense to you. Take "As giants watch over us" for example. Over thirteen tracks the heady bouquet of dark ambience nestles next to power electronics and squalling mulch redefining what perceptions you may have had about music. Its like taking a bath in menstrual blood. Thick, black and gooey with an aroma all of its own. A strangely beguiling and challenging mix that you can’t help returning to. A welcome release, like all of Wilt’s releases, and one not to be sniffed at. Unlike a dogs arse.


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