CD: Cold Spring Records CSR49CD [2004]

Die letzte Jagd
Chanson de la Plus haute tour
Einsamer nie
Steh aug. Nordwind!
Dignitas Dei
Heilige Krieg
Civitas Dei

The simplest things in life are usually the best. Want proof? What’s more appetising? Some arty farty cuisine in an expensive restaurant or a plate of fish and chips piled high? You can apply the same logic to music. What’s better? A hundred different instruments in some over produced piece with no soul or a combination of guitars, percussion and heavenly voices that wears its aching heart on its sleeves? I know which I prefer to listen to.

Werkraum’s release is quite simply breathtaking. Now I’m not too sure whether to classify "Unsere Feuer brennen!" as neofolk or apocalyptic folk music, or a mixture of both, and frankly don’t care as long as the music stirs the emotions as well as this manages. I’m reminded of early Death in June or even Orplid in places, but that’s probably doing a great disservice to Werkraum, and use these bands only as a signpost to guide you as to their sound. Apart from track one, spoken in English, all the songs are sung in German, male and female,
which adds an extra mysticism to the songs. Exquisitely crafted musical structures accompany the vocals taking you on a journey to musical nirvana. The perfect summer record to listen to as the sun beats down as you laze in the garden. You’ll constantly be hitting the replay button to relive the Werkraum experience over and over again. Simply stupendous and simply the best. Like all good things in life.


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