CD: Infinite Exchange Records [2006]

Pain KIller

MySpace.com has become the hip and happening site on the World Wide Web. The place to get the latest buzz on all things happening and musical. Also home to sad fuck individuals who write up pathetic web blogs on their dreary lives in the hope that we care. I don’t. Nor do I care how many fucking friends you have…real or imagined. Now the trend is for the talent free fuckwits to put their feeble attempts at music onto the site in the vain hope that some likeminded stupid cunts will buy into their great vision. Dream on useless twats. Which is why I’ve renamed the site My waste of fucking Space.com. Occasionally though a light shines through the murky cesspool of shit. Releases actually worthy of your time. Releases that are not only enjoyable but have something so much more to offer than the usual bland affairs currently being touted around. First there was Seven Morgues with their "Something to cry about" release [read review here] (which just improves with every listen) and now come the Grand Wazoo (a Frank Zappa reference folks) himself Waz Hoola.

Waz is no young pimple and masturbation obsessed freak new to the music scene. He’s earned his stripes the hard way with various music combos to varying degrees of success. His musical influences / tastes range from Sonic Youth and the Melvins through to NTT and NWW… and others too many to mention. "The things that are keeping me alive… are killing me" is the first part of a planned trilogy and comprises two lengthy tracks totalling 45+ minutes. But what absolutely fucking amazing tracks!! Think of the Southern Lord acts mixed with artists such as Lustmord, Maeror Tri and Filivs Macrocosmi and you’re half way there. A cosmic dark journey taking in DEEP drones / rumbles with faint power noise additions makes for one intriguing and compelling release. He’s taken all the ingredients that’s best from atmospheric near ambient music and mixed together a winning combination that is never raw or undercooked. By careful layering of the sounds he draws the listener into the netherworlds and back again in a manner I found quite extraordinary. His techniques are so professional and beyond reproach that I’m actually amazed at the end results. The music a testimony to his talent in being able to conjure up music that is so absorbing and enthralling. Music that is almost an organic mutating organism of black creation. An aural ride into the unknown where nothing is what it first seems. Beautifully crafted, executed and fucking exhilarating to boot. Put simply, a stupendous find amongst all the usual dross on My waste of fucking Space.com.

The bad bit. This release is limited to only 100 copies. That’s if you want the full Monty of CD and very tasteful cover of course. All he asks is postage costs in return. If you’re a tightwad you can download the tracks for free. That’s the good bit. The best bit of all though is that no matter which way you get to hear this release you will be suitably impressed. Damned impressed even. He sure as shit impressed me with his music, actually stopping me from reviewing releases which should have taken precedence over it, and that to me is a mark of quality. I sincerely look forward to part two, which I believe, is nearing completion. Bring it on Waz. Bring… it… fucking… on.


[Waz Hoola]

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